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Chronic pain

Career change with back pain/chronic pain

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DogFoodPie · 14/08/2021 20:32

I say career but I only work part-time in a catering job but I am thinking that it would be a good idea to find a job that is easier on my back. Long term my back may even get worse and it would be good to have something I could still do if that happens. It might be that I could work more hours if the job was less physical too, but it would be good if the hours were somewhat flexible and I could take a break if I needed to. Working from home seems to be something that would work well. I would probably need to retrain as I don't really have any qualifications or experience apart from in catering. I'm not looking for a large income but something fairly steady.

Has anyone with back problems or chronic pain found a good job which works for them? I know health problems can sometimes be a bar to employment, has anyone found a job where this is not an issue for them? Or any suggestions welcome of ideas I could look into.

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Akire · 16/08/2021 20:19

Just bumping This for you
Would love it if anyone has good ideas.

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