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Chronic pain

Constant tooth and jaw pain since 2017

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Tryingnottostress · 14/08/2021 16:36

Hi. I am due to go to the dentist next Thursday for root canal and crown on premolar (1 of 4 baby teeth that did not fall out as no replacement tooth). The tooth is very sore and sensitive I know the treatment is needed however this is only part of my problem. Since 2017 when I returned to work after maternity leave I noticed that I was clenching my teeth when stressed at work or annoyed with MIL who was watching my DS while at work(thought she had as much a say in bringing up DS as me). I had the tooth mentioned above refilled in 2017 because it was sensitive but since then my jaw clicks, both sides of jaw joints hurt, my bite feels wrong and most of my teeth hurt including a lower front tooth. The dentist gave me a night guard which I cant use as it makes my teeth hurt oven more. I am in mild pain every single day and it's making me miserable. I don't think that root canal will get rid of the problem completely and I'm petrified of loosing the tooth as well. The other baby teeth are sensitive too but last time I went to the dentist she said all other teeth are fine. Has anyone been through anything similar? I'm trying not to cry while writing this as it's making me ill

OP posts:

Plumtree391 · 14/08/2021 18:25

I was going to ask if you had had a root canal feeling and see you are booked to have one. Do think carefully before doing so. Sometimes an extraction is the best course of action.

You need to learn to relax your jaw.


Musication · 14/08/2021 19:01

Hi op. I sympathise as I have had constant Tooth pain since February, since I had two root canals on my upper front teeth. I am constantly reassured that the teeth are well filled and no sign of infection yet I live in Constant low level pain. As they are my front teeth I am loathed to remove them. I am currently exploring the route of nerve pain with my doctor, as she thinks it could be this. I am starting on amtitryptiline soon to see if this helps. I think the term is atypical odontalgia. Not saying you have this but if you're not getting anywhere with repeated dental work it could be something to investigate. Solidarity.


WrongKindOfFace · 14/08/2021 19:19

I know you said the guard doesn’t help but have you tried it longer term as it might take a short while to get used to it before you can feel any benefit. You could also ask for a referral to the hospital oral surgery/dental department for a more thorough assessment and treatment options?


Tryingnottostress · 14/08/2021 19:48

Re extraction- I really want to try and save the tooth before it comes to that.
Re mouth guard- I did use it for months but it made all my molars ache. It did help my front tooth though.
My dentist is a lovely woman but I feel like she is fed up with me complaining of pain when I go in and she can't see anything. She asked me to bring my mouth guard with me on Thursday so she can take a look at it. I have explained the pain moves around other teeth with no fillings so she is going to do my check up as well. If the pain persists I will ask what else can be done.
Musication - sorry to hear you are going through similar. It's so frustrating and made me feel so crap.

OP posts:

Plumtree391 · 14/08/2021 19:59

Root canal fillings can cause:

Accumulation of unwanted materials: Cholesterol crystals can accumulate and irritate the tissues where the root canal was done, as well as scar tissue or cystic lesions. Immune system response: The procedure can cause an overactive immune response in your body, causing negative health impacts.


WrongKindOfFace · 14/08/2021 20:16

If you can afford it you could try Botox in the jaw muscles. It doesn’t stop the grinding but it can reduce the pain in some people as the muscles weaken and can’t grind/clench as strongly.

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