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Chronic pain

Specialist pain clinic

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Orangesandlemons82 · 31/07/2021 16:28

I have suffered from chronic pain for the last year and am considering going to a private pain team based in Hampshire. They are anaesthetists who specialise in this area. Has anyone had any experiences with these clinics - good or bad? I'm currently taking cox2 inhibitors, tramadol and gabapentin but am getting a lot of break through pain. I don't want to get my hopes up if people have had negative experiences though

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longtompot · 31/07/2021 16:34

Can you tell me about this clinic? My ed went to the Bath Pain Centre many years ago, but that was more about cbt and mindfulness than actual treatment as such. She has CRPS, and has done for over 10 years (she's 24)


Orangesandlemons82 · 31/07/2021 16:40

@longtompot they are called 'The Pain team'
This is their email address
[email protected]

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longtompot · 31/07/2021 21:34

Thank you. I've sent my daughter the link so she can have a look. I really hope they can help you Flowers


Orangesandlemons82 · 04/08/2021 13:00

@longtompot just to let you know I had an appointment yesterday with a consultant from the pain team. I left the appointment feeling really positive and that I had been listened to. I'm going back in September for facet joint injections under sedation.

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