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Chronic pain

Unexplained pain

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Craga · 26/07/2021 19:47

Hello all

I feel im at the end of my rope. For the last few weeks ive had severe pain in my foot, loss of movement in my toes and general deregation in life. Went to A&E last night and was told my foot looked swollen. My xray came back clear as did my inflammation count and test for gout. Told to speak to GP for further tests but cant be seen. Have been on naproxen and omezeprole for about a week and half now which has done nothing. I also feel constantly bloated, completely lost my apetite and cannot finish a meal, cant stay asleep and honestly just feel like sleeping and crying all die.
I honestly feel like i just want to die. Can anyone talk to me and offer some advice? thank you

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Akire · 27/07/2021 12:19

Hi sorry no one has replied yet. That sounds awful. Strong painkillers can make you really constipated. Might be worth taking something if you feel bloated and full and not been able to go. Sadly being in pain is quite a low priority when it’s not something bleeding obvious like arm falling off.

Do send emails or try and get GP appointment you need more tests and investigations. Meanwhile join us on the daily chat thread on these boards. Plenty of us having Same battles living with both diagnosed and undiagnosed pain. No magic wand but we do understand x

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