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Chronic pain

Headaches - Prednisolone

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Hopehope20 · 17/07/2021 08:40

Hi, I am 35 and got covid for the second time this year. I have been suffering from a 24/7 headache ever since that no over the counter pain killers even touch the sides on. I had bloodwork and a CT scan yesterday which came back normal. I have been prescribed a 5 day course of Prednisolone starting today.

Just wondering about the side effects of this, is there anyone that could talk me through what side effects you experienced on this steroid? I have scared myself by googling...

If taken for headaches....did it work?

Thank you so much x

OP posts:

butterfly990 · 17/07/2021 09:04

No advise on the meds however my daughter suffered almpdt constant headaches for over a year. She had an MRI, saw a peadatrician etc.

Eventually in desperation I took her to an osteopath who took one look at her and realised her spine and neck were out of alignment. 6 weeks of treatments and now only the occasional headache.


Akire · 17/07/2021 12:54

Just bumping for you and crossing fingers it helps with pain


squirrelslikenuts · 05/08/2021 22:25

Place marking.
My autistic son has at least 2-3 severe headaches a wk; he bangs his head & bites. He is on regular amitripyline, which has lessened the amt of headaches; but they still occur.
MRI normal.
Investigations continue, so does his agony.


TrampolineForMrKite · 05/08/2021 22:29

Another headache sufferer. When I had chain migraines I was prescribed 100mg of sumatriptan and 50mg of cyclizine to take with daily amitryptlyne. Broke the chain. I now take the amitryptlyne every day and the other drugs as needed.

Hope your steroids work @Hopehope20 .... constant headaches are terrible.


LoveFall · 05/08/2021 22:42

Five days of prednisone is not very long. Depending on dosage you may not notice any side effects.

At a higher dose (above 20mg) I feel jittery and have trouble sleeping.

I have not taken it for headaches.


Crispycremedelight · 05/08/2021 22:48

I was in Pred for 2 years 5mgs you shouldn’t get the side effects because your not in it long enough and the dose is too low anything over 5 is side effect teriority (spelling) both my son and DH have had these courses one for asthma, the other for the after effects of Long COViD. I hope that helps


Crispycremedelight · 05/08/2021 22:48

Sorry for the terrible spelling and grammar!

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