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Chronic pain

What apps help you to manage your chronic conditions?

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NotanotherboxofFrogs · 06/07/2021 21:22

Here are some which I use daily and others as and when

Awesome breathing: pacer for meditation and stress
Booster buddy:
Stress buster for stress relief
Pixels - mood tracker

Period tracker: also does water drinking reminders

Migraine buddy:

dminder: if taking vitamin D supplements / sun and how levels in your system with hours of sun exposure

Medisafe - meds reminder app, will rattle pills at you until you tell it you have taken them or after a set period of time it can let a set contact know that you haven't taken the meds

Blood pressure tracker - BP

Poopify - poop tracker
Uritrack - urine tracker

MyFNDapp - for tracking FND symptoms

What 3 words - if needed help when out of the house as to identify where I am

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NotanotherboxofFrogs · 06/07/2021 21:23

What would you add to the list?

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Akire · 07/07/2021 10:09

They look good thanks for sharing.
I only really use alarm on phone for bad days when I’m counting down minutes to next pain killers and sitting there ready on 3h 59!

Period app but my cycle is all over the place so not much it can do really.

I have the 3 words apps but I have never used it.


Akire · 07/07/2021 10:38

I think Deliveroo makes a huge difference. More for food when can’t cook or shopping when not we’ll enough to get out! Most places only £10 Mim so if you need bread and milk it’s easy make it up rather than book a supermarket slot and spend £40.


NotanotherboxofFrogs · 07/07/2021 15:48

Yes definitely to the alarms I have many set across the day.

I missed out on deliveroo and other similar apps as where I live they aren't an option as small town which is v rural and isn't covered by any of these.

We are covered by supermarkets (asda, Tesco and Sainsbury) but Iceland doesn't come this far

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