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Chronic pain

Feeling very low

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VillaWilliams · 01/07/2021 22:23

Could do with some support. I have not been well for the last 7 months. The illness reduces my mobility and it can be very unpredictable like one day I am feeling better and the very next day I am crippled with excruciating pain and unable to walk. I am on very strong pain killers but they only provide short term relief. I have been off work a lot and suspecting will end up getting a warning soon now. I live on my own and family lives abroad. I can’t go and stay with them either. I feel very hopeless and sad about my situation. It feels like my life is coming to an end. How do I keep myself afloat?

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Workinghardeveryday · 01/07/2021 22:27

Your life isn’t coming to an end! In life we go through really horrible crap times, but you will get better and pain will be managed and you will be more positive.
Please try and stay positive until you get to that point, if you are lonely post on here! We are all here together x

Heneage · 01/07/2021 22:28

I'm so sorry. I have no wise words. Each day will pass if you just keep breathing. I hope someone will come along with good advice - it's just hard being a human sometimes and sounds like you're having a really horrible time. I'm sorry

VillaWilliams · 02/07/2021 06:28

Thank you x

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Lolapie · 02/07/2021 06:34

Are you interested in spiritual things and meditation? You might find some solace there. I have a similar problem and my friend introduced me to it. It has really helped a lot. If you want I’m happy to introduce you to her.
Disclaimer: I’m not promoting or advertising anything. I’m merely sharing my experience and extending a source that might be of help. X

Akire · 02/07/2021 12:51

Hey sorry you are having a rough time. It’s extra hard if you are single and no bigger family around. It’s good to be able to express how crap life can be sometimes. It is very tough living with pain.

Have you thought about any sort of mobility aid? I know some people see using anything as giving in but if you can bearly walk having something that means you can get outside or even get around your home can do wonders. You may have to stop doing things the way you norma would. Doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things that matter. When pain allows you of course!

doadeer · 02/07/2021 15:42

I'm so sorry and sad for you.

Lots of us over on a daily moans thread if you want to have somewhere just to check in with others in the same boat.

I'm very low at the moment too but what helps me is trying to stay mentally busy in any way I can. Hard to motivate sometimes but otherwise I feel very depressed.

If you want to chat ❤️💐

CHRONIC PAIN - share your moans and achievements

VillaWilliams · 02/07/2021 21:59

Yes I do something similar to meditation but when pain is bad I loose focus and concentration. I think it’s the fear of future, not being able to look after myself properly and work to support myself.
Thanks to all the lovely, supportive messages. I am truly thankful to you all. Xxxxxx

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VillaWilliams · 02/07/2021 22:03

Doadeer I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling great either. I am sending healing and well wishes your wayFlowers

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