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Chronic pain

What could be causing this

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cutietooties · 30/06/2021 23:00

I have woken up today and my neck and shoulders are in agony, I was in a very minor car accident but I don't think it could be the cause and I don't want to be accused of jumping on the whiplash bandwagon I honestly think it's a coincidence. Any recommendations for dealing with the pain

OP posts:

Navilana · 01/07/2021 10:14

I think, to rule out possible consequences of an injury related to the minor accident, you really should visit your GP. If you're in pain, they want to help you manage it (they don't think of bandwagons) but still do need to check out what could be causing it.

Maybe it helps if you apply a hot pack on your shoulders and neck. Hope you feel better real soon!


lljkk · 01/07/2021 11:56

When was your accident, what happened?

I get whiplash repeatedly so it's no biggie to me. Means supporting the neck and weight of the head until it gets better by itself. Mine doesn't affect my shoulders though.


Akire · 01/07/2021 16:45

Defo get it checked with GP if it is whiplash it could go on for months and better have your recorded sooner.

In mean time take regular over the counter painkillers and try heat packs/ice sprays.


SingingSands · 01/07/2021 18:19

It does actually sound like whiplash.

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