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Chronic pain

Handhold needed - ME

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Peace43 · 30/06/2021 14:35

I have ME (was diagnosed 20+ years ago). I'm feeling poorly today. I've been poorly all week. I am SO tired, my brain fog is terrible. I have cold / flu symptoms. My joints are achy and my skin hurts. All my skin. I'm struggling to manage work this week and have been doing shorter days (work from home). I have a cleaner (does beds and laundry), gardener, dog walker and a very helpful 10 year old. I am still struggling and I hate hate hate it. I just want to roll in my duvet and sleep until I feel better.

OP posts:

Dizzywizz · 30/06/2021 14:42

Oh that sounds so rubbish. Does a bath help you? I’ve got ms and get bad nerve pain and a hot bath really helps with the pain.


Akire · 30/06/2021 15:35

Hi that does sound rubbish. How long does a flare last with you above the day to day pain? Have you taken all pain killers you can? I get the skin sunburnt sore feeling there is no relief is there. Flowers


PerseverancePays · 30/06/2021 16:12

🌻for you just for the relentless shit of it 🌻


Akire · 30/06/2021 16:49


🌻for you just for the relentless shit of it 🌻

That should be on a greetings card!
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