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Chronic pain

Article about living with chronic pain

3 replies

AlexTheLittleCat · 29/06/2021 13:37

Very interesting article about experiences with living with chronic pain, I thought I'd post it on here in case anyone was interested.

Very happy to see there is now a Chronic Pain board at last!

OP posts:

Akire · 30/06/2021 16:07

Hi Alex thanks for that it is a good article. Glad you like our shiny and now less empty pain board.


AlexTheLittleCat · 06/07/2021 21:49

Thanks @Akire. I've linked another article about fibromyalgia on another thread as it's always useful to see new research as it can be hard to get advice from GPs. Chronic conditions are something they don't understand well.

OP posts:

SpindleWhorl · 10/08/2021 01:03

Thanks for that link, OP.

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