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Chronic pain

Pins and needles in my left hand.

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babysunshine20 · 11/06/2021 13:45

Hi, I have noticed I have been getting pins and needles in my left hand. It comes and goes throughout the day. But I am concerned. Has anybody experienced this and knows what it is???? I am making a drs app next week to see what they say.

OP posts:
Akire · 11/06/2021 14:19

Could be something simply like being anaemic or low vitamin B12. Could be RSI type thing if you use hands for work a lot like typing? It’s annoying and constant reminder but try not worry to much yet. Prob do bloods first to rule out and ask about other symptoms.

Glitterblue · 17/10/2021 21:30

Did you ever find out what this was, @babysunshine20? I've been getting pins and needles in my left hand, to the point it sometimes wakes me up.

LibertyKnickers · 19/10/2021 19:38

I have ME and my symptoms include occasional pins and needles in my hands and feet especially on the left side. I also get other symptoms that are clearly neurological in origin such as myoclonic jerks during the day and a kind of electrical sensitivity--if someone touches my skin it feels as if I were receiving an electric shock. There is also weakness on the left side so that even controlling a pen can be too hard sometimes!

Unfortunately tests such as MRIs and PET scans have not revealed any pathology. I do not have CNS inflammation either as the majority of ME sufferers do. Nor do I have MS (two family members do have it). Neurological symptoms especially if they come and go are hard to study and diagnose. But you should see your doctor, I think, as they can be signs of serious conditions. Best of luck!

PS Typing this took me half an hour!

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