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Chronic pain

Chronic pain, long covid and inflammation

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fairycakesandtea7 · 09/06/2021 16:14

I've had chronic pain (nerve and arthritic) for 7 years. In January I got covid and I now have issues with acid reflux (new to me, never previously had issues prior to getting covid) which I take Omeprezole for. The inflammation in my joint is becoming worse and I now feel inflammation and increased pain in my surrounding joints too (hip, knee) and really do think I'd benefit from a stronger anti inflammatory, however have been advised to avoid all anti inflammatories due to the acid reflux issues. I've tried creams, steroid injections. Anyone got any advice?

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Akire · 10/06/2021 12:45

Anti inflammatories can make reflux worse but I guess it’s up to you what pain is the worse. I’ve been on reflux meds you can top up with Gaviscon as long as you wait least 2 hours. Are you taking about occasions use on extra bad days or would you need several doses a day?

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