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Chronic pain

Can nerve pain cause itching?

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Cocolapew · 23/05/2021 15:08

I have Lupus and I'm experiencing a lot more nerve pain in the last few months.
I'm in a flare at the moment and the bottom of my foot is driving me mad with itch. I've looked and looked and there definitely isn't anything there.
I'm going to try Hmm to speak to a GPin the next few days, but does anyone have any ideas?

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Cadburyflakeicecream · 23/05/2021 15:09

In my experience, yes it can. I’m having an issue with nerve pain in my leg and I’ve just scratched it too it is bleeding.

Hope you get seen soon x


Cocolapew · 23/05/2021 15:12

Thanks Cadbury. I'll phone tomorrow and try to speak to someone.

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Cadburyflakeicecream · 23/05/2021 15:15

I hope you get it sorted. Nerve pain is horrendous.


Cocolapew · 23/05/2021 15:26

I was on Gabapentine years ago but stopped it because I was eating anything that wasn't nailed down.
I'm not sure why its flared up again so badly lately.
Are you on anything for your leg?

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Cadburyflakeicecream · 23/05/2021 15:27

I was on gabapentin but stopped it for the exact same reason as you😁. I’m now on amitriptiline which works ok-ish.


Cocolapew · 23/05/2021 15:35

Glad I wasn't the only one!
I'll ask for something different if they offer it again.

OP posts:

Cadburyflakeicecream · 23/05/2021 15:38

After the gabapentin I had lyrica but it made me like a zombie so I went back to the amitriptiline and just put up with the odd breakthrough days.



Cocolapew · 23/05/2021 15:44

I've heard too many horror stories about lyrica so I'm steering clear

OP posts:

LunaAndHer3Stars · 24/05/2021 06:00


I was on gabapentin but stopped it for the exact same reason as you😁. I’m now on amitriptiline which works ok-ish.

Amitriptyline has that effect on me, gained over 20kg in 2 years. Though on a very high dose, and nerve pain dose is usually low so might be ok.

OP when my feet are really itchy I sit with them on an teatowel wrapped ice pack or in a bucket of water.

Jux · 28/07/2021 19:54

I love Lyrica! It was phased in very carefully over weeks. I'd be off with the fairies for a day and a half, then OK for a day or so, then the does would be doubled and ia'd be off with the fairies again.... until I got to the dose which my neurologist had prescribed. It's been increased over the years, and they won't increase it again. I don't know what comes next. I'm a bit worried because I think I'm experiencing the "MS Hug"...

Anyway, good luck to you. I get appalling itching in my feet and legs, and sometimes it feels like I've got a tiny insect crawling on my arm, so anything which interferes with the normal functioning of your nerves can have all sorts of subjective effects.

Talk to your doc, don't just put up with it unless the medics actually say there really is nothing they can do.

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