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Chronic pain

In agony!

7 replies

babyt2020 · 18/05/2021 12:55

I don't really know what I want from this post, maybe a bit of a handhold. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and in excruciating pain in my lower back, this started a week ago. I had my son in June last year and had horrific spd and lower back pain from 18 weeks, I thought I'd escaped it this time!

Thing is last year I had no children so I could just gobble around/lie down whenever I needed to, not so easy with an 11 month old! The doctor has given me 15/500 of cocodamol which are not even touching the pain, she refused to give me 30mg because of potential addiction in the baby, despite me telling her I was on them in my last pregnancy with no issues.

My mum is looking after my son for me today as I ended up sobbing trying to get him into the car to go to a hospital appointment, the pain of carrying him was unreal, I don't know how ill cope for the next 7 weeks until my c section, would they possibly bring my section forward another week or 2 due to the pain?

OP posts:

Sleeplessemma · 18/05/2021 15:58

Have you considered acupuncture? I’ve heard it helps a lot of people with chronic pain? Xx


Akire · 18/05/2021 16:03

Sorry to hear about the pain. If you were given stronger painkiller last time may be worth asking another Gp as it can vary apt
Into what each things rather than any office guidelines.

Are you managing get around just about with bump Is it the toddler that’s pushing you over the edge? Are you able to use pram more? So around the home? Encourage him to crawl up and stand or pull himself half up so you can pull onto lap while you sit down. Then move across to pushchair?

You may find more advice in more pregnancy related topic but we all deal with chronic pain here so happy to Cheer you on for the coming few months. Nobody looks at chronic pain and think naw it be fine. But somehow we all stagger through it.


Akire · 20/05/2021 10:22

How are you getting on?


doadeer · 22/05/2021 12:37

This sounds dreadful 💐 my issues started with SPD too so I emphasise it's awful. How are you getting on?


tentosix · 22/05/2021 13:06

Have they given you a support corset to wear?


babyt2020 · 25/05/2021 18:22

Hi ladies, the pains totally gone now! I'm so so relieved and just praying it doesn't come back! Maybe baby was sitting on a nerve and has moved!

OP posts:

Akire · 25/05/2021 19:46

That’s great news! Well done baby Grin

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