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Chronic pain

CHRONIC PAIN - Anyone used a Snugglebundl?

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PinkPlantCase · 17/03/2021 18:48

I’m currently expecting my first DC and am considering a snugglebundl to help with lifting baby.

I have damaged nerves and pain in my neck/upper back which also causes weakness in my wrists and hands. I don’t generally notice this day today as the heaviest thing I ever have to lift is a frying pan and I do this with 2 hands. 2pints of milk is probably the extent of what I can happily lift regularly with one hand. But I am aware that in not many weeks I’ll need to start picking a baby up.

I’ve heard people mention a Snugglebundl before but one of the key selling points seems to be that you can lift baby with one hand which is the opposite of what I want! But I think it could help with making sure baby is supported when I lift them, so I only have to worry about the lifting and not the supporting.

Wondered if anyone else had tried one out?

OP posts:

Akire · 18/03/2021 16:02

Had to look it up! Can see why would be handy to move a sleeping baby but not sure would help if the problem is the weight. if each wrist can do 2 pints 2 hands is still going to struggle bigger than a new born.

How are you arms in general? Could you fold the baby up then use forearms and upper arms to scoop baby instead of hands and wrists?


willitgetworse · 18/03/2021 16:15

I bought one, most useless baby item out there.


PinkPlantCase · 18/03/2021 23:49

@willitgetworse haha thankyou! I thought it was worth asking for mumsnet wisdoms before spending £50 on one.

@Akire scooping in general could be a way forward. Luckily my DH is wfh with very flexible hours so he’ll he around as we figure out how to go about things. I was sort of hoping that I’d get stronger as baby grows because I don’t really have much choice!

OP posts:

SwearytheFairy · 21/05/2021 19:00

I second them being pretty useless, had a 2nd hand one and occasionally used it to soothe baby at about a week old. The hood bit is too bulky to use how it's supposed to be .

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