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Chronic pain

CHRONIC PAIN - hypermobility and anterior pelvic tilt

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MedusasBadHairDay · 08/03/2021 12:31

Has anyone struggled with pelvic tilt and managed to correct it? My posture used to be good, but years of hypermobility plus two pregnancies with SPD and living a sedentary life due to pain have wrecked it.

I now stand with my hips rotated properly out, and I get so much lower back pain that seems to have got worse lately. I've started doing exercises to retrain my body in how to hold itself, but so many of them are tricky because of pain in other joints (eg. Apparently squats are good but my knees can't cope with them)

Did you find anything that worked?

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picklemewalnuts · 08/03/2021 14:15

Have you used a chiropractor, Medusa? I ask because mine always adjusts my pelvis. It isn't an issue I'm aware of having, but he always tuts and gives it a good shove.


MedusasBadHairDay · 08/03/2021 21:34

Not in years, this particular pain started in lockdown. So I haven't seen anyone about it yet.

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Sooverthemill · 09/03/2021 21:24

@MedusasBadHairDay osteopaths are still working so I'd guess so are chiropractors.


onwardsandupwards22 · 16/02/2022 15:38

@MedusasBadHairDay how are you getting on? Did you find anything to help?
I have hypermobility, 2 pregnancies with SPD too and my posture is anterior pelvic tilt


custardbear · 16/02/2022 15:43

This is something I suffer with, I see a physio for maintenance after years of trying to get my back feeling ok - but she's just moved jobs into the NHS 🥺 so need to find someone else - does chiropractic manipulation hurt?

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