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Which Barbie Dreamhouse?

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Acunningruse · 28/08/2023 09:48

DD is Barbie obsessed so there's no question Father Christmas will be bringing her a Barbie Dreamhouse, but I've only just discovered there's more than one type?! The Day to Night Dreamhouse, one with a blue lift, one with a pink lift?

I don't think she has a particular one in mind as she doesn't watch adverts but has talked about a house which has a lift.

Any suggestions on the "best" one?

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ShivRoysPoloNeck · 03/09/2023 17:10

I've just bought the jupiter house linked and it is brilliant. It does have a lift, it goes up from ground to first floor and is in the room with the sofa in your pic.

It has lots of interactive parts, the piano records you and plays it back. Doorbell, toilet flush, cooking noises, light up chandelier.

However it is ginormous and takes a long time to build. But really sturdy and I'm jealous I didn't have it when I was small!

MBM18 · 03/09/2023 17:33

Fedupdoc · 29/08/2023 09:56

My daughter has had this one for nearly 3 years
Plays with it daily. Loves it. I think the quality is fine, nothing has broken

My daughter also has this one with the blue lift and whilst it's great, it's annoying that it doesn't fit flush against the wall as the slide and garden poke out, it's advertised as "360 play" so you can access it all round.
If you have a big space to store it it's fine.
In hindsight, I wish I'd gone for the newer version with the pink lift so it can go in the corner of a room.
Also bought DDs off of FB marketplace, so much cheaper!

Whattodo112222 · 03/09/2023 17:34

Don't recommend the dreamhouse at all. Its a pain in the arse to set up. The campervan is much better!

ITSSSSCHRISTMASSS · 03/09/2023 20:33

We got an ELC one for our older 2 off marketplace but it was huge and took up so much room.

Our youngest has 2, a small one she got at 4yo and a bigger one last Christmas she loves. Both are foldaway ones which mean they don’t take up much room and can be moved around the house easily.

She now has almost everything I think, she’s had a Barbie infused birthday recently where grandparents bought her the airplane and we got her the ambulance and some dolls. The Skipper and Chelsea sets are good too, she’s had those over the years which she still plays with.

She will be getting the camper for Christmas and then I think that’s Barbie completely done.

I always buy everything in the prime day sales to get the best price if I can.

Here are the 2 houses we have.

Which Barbie Dreamhouse?
Namechangedforspooky · 03/09/2023 20:39

Going against the grain here but we love ours and it’s definitely the thing that gets played with most in our house (by theThe 10 yos as well!). It was free though, not sure it’s worth the £200 it’s currently retailing for on Amazon!

it’s way better than the LOL house. That is proper overpriced tat which fell apart. The dream house is at least a bit more robust.

personally I would buy the cheapest version as they’re all pretty similar

TheGirlWhoLived · 03/09/2023 23:11

We’ve been in the unusual position of owning a kiddicraft house, a camper van, a a barbie dream house, TWO lol houses (one was a chalet tbf) around 6 barbie cars and various other ambulances/planes/helicopters over the years (yes I am sorry, climate change IS our fault)

I would go with the kiddicraft option… we had this one sparkle mansion and the girls absolutely loved it!

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