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Camera for a 4.5 year old

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Frodedendron · 21/08/2023 14:30

My dd is obsessed with photos so hopefully would get a lot out of a camera.

There are so many on the market, is it worth paying extra for the V-Tech? I was also looking at the Cocopa on Amazon which was linked on the Christmas bargains thread and about 1/3 of the price of the V-Tech, but I would consider paying more for quality/if it's going to keep her interested longer. But there seem to be loads on the market,

Thank you.

OP posts:
Hibernatalie · 21/08/2023 18:31

I got mine a kindle fire for kids. Obviously it's a tablet but can be used as a camera/video camera.

Blixem · 23/08/2023 08:46

I've got my DD the vtech kidizoom print cam for her 4th birthday. She loves her counsins one who has both the print cam and the kidizoom duo. Both are good cameras and come down in price in the amazon prime days.

Blixem · 23/08/2023 08:48

Actually the print camera is currently 37.50 on amazon, which is cheaper than the prime day deal!

Frodedendron · 23/08/2023 12:43

Thank you @Blixem , I was looking at the Vtech Duo but I actually really like the look of the print one, I think that's the one!

OP posts:
rfr · 23/08/2023 17:58

Vetch kiddizoom is good. Ours is a few years old, has been dropped a lot. Can upload photos, zoom, use funny filters, record voice clips. We liked it because it seemed really sturdy and it has lived up to that

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