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Stuck for ideas for DC presents! Help!

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AnxietyIsMyShadow · 29/11/2022 22:41

Just that really!
DD 6 and Ds 3, my mind is blank when it comes to new ideas for pressies, when I ask them what they want it’s not helpful 😂 (my own unicorn please mummy), I am basically panic buying shit off Amazon that I’m not even sure they will like and they have no main gift each.
any suggestions gratefully received!

OP posts:
BadgerLovesMash · 29/11/2022 23:48

When my dds were 3 they loved happyland, imaginext, a doctors kit, an ELC fold up kitchen set (was great as it fit under the bed!), tea set, wooden chop up cake, superheroes, paw patrol. We played orchard toys board games. Books - anything by Sue Hendra, Nick Sharatt (you choose was a favourite!), the dinosaur who pooped series, please Mr Panda, poo in the zoo.

When they were 6 they both loved little figures (shopkins, hatchimals, disney characters). DD2 loved dolls - enchantimals, my little pony, LOL. They loved a dolls pram and build a bear. We played games like bugs in the kitchen, dobble, snakes & ladders, jenga, connect 4, guess who, magic tooth fairy game. Books - we started chapter Books favourites were daisy and the trouble with.. and the cat and the King. Also the fairytale hairdresser (picture Books but lovely!).

At both ages they loved a dressing up costume of their favourite character. Also my busy books (a book with 10 figures and a playmat, loads of characters available!) Also sticker books were always a winner!

Fivemoreminutes1 · 30/11/2022 06:58

When my dd1 was 6, she loved Playmobil (the campervan, zoo, hospital and nursery were the best!). She also loved My Fairy Garden and had a couple of Polly Pocket cases which she took everywhere with her. Dd2 is a lot more creative and prefers making things. Snap beads like these are popular, and 6yo is old enough for Hama beads.

Chocolateteabag · 30/11/2022 07:04

Bike/ balance bike?
Ride on tractor or car
Unicorn bed pillow

RobinRobinMouse · 30/11/2022 07:04

Sylvanians are lovely at these ages and there are lots of different versions and sets available. Also, there is a unicorn polly pocket that is larger than some of them, I've seen it in the shops and it looks fairly impressive, I think it's on offer on Amazon. My nephew is getting the ultimate playdoh ice cream cart from Father Christmas, which I think is popular this year.

CoffeeChocolateWine · 30/11/2022 07:16

My DD loves her Cubby bear which she got when she was 6 and still loves him now 3 years later.
Vtech kidi super star microphone
Sylvanian families
Art and craft supplies
Nice blanket
New rucksack for school
Colour-in pillowcase
Set of books

For 3yo
Train set
Toy garage
Bath toys
Play food like pizza
Kinetic sand
Superhero dress-up
Art and craft supplies

mam0918 · 30/11/2022 11:01

The Argos near us had pretty big unicorn teddies (about midium dog sized) next to the till for like £6.99 I think a while ago, not sure if they still do.

My 4 year old is getting a toy kitchen as their big thing.

My 1 year old is getting a rocking horse, when I was looking there where lots of 'unicorn' rocking horses (although not sure they would be suitible for a 6 year old, maybe for a 3 year old though).

TheChosenTwo · 30/11/2022 11:48

Age 5 my dds greatest love was her car mat! Came from somewhere random like B&Q, you know the kind of thing I mean don’t you?! 🙈 with roads and houses and roundabouts etc printed on it? Then she had a box of cars, she spent so many happy hours just laying on it and wheeling her cars about!

pearandsausage · 30/11/2022 11:51

DS is 3 and he is getting (from us and others)

Paw patrol Sea Patroller
Dr kit
Postman kit (amazing find in Aldi)
A new plate/bowl/cup set
A tool workbench
A pirate dress up set
Fireman Sam toy
Monster trucks
Walkie talkies

As well as some little bits like a yo-yo, slinky, socks, bubble bath etc for his stocking

TinyRebelStayPuft · 30/11/2022 11:53

If you haven't started as such then i would use

That's 9 categories to buy in plus a santa present

My 6 year old loves and I have brought from the below
Squishmallows and Ty
Board games and puzzles
Crayola washimals
Hama and aquabeads
LOL dolls
Mini brands
Kindi kids
Popcorn maker
Activity books
Harry potter hat scarf and glove set
Anything from smiggle and claires
Big hit from last year was a happy napper.
Lovely blanket for bed
Bluetooth microphone
Jewelry box and pretend jewelry
Mine loves unicorns so I buy unicorn theme everything - bedding bags pants socks - then it's useful and fun.

As you have two who might enjoy playing together could you do a joint main present such as large playmobil set or barbie house or lol house.

Do they have scooters/bikes/trampoline?

Winter2020 · 30/11/2022 12:02

My son has this ice cream shop (Mellisa and Doug). It's very well made and sturdy and visiting children have liked it. I got my niece one last year.

Would your 3 year old like a box/tub of dinosaurs, play dough, kinetic sand? We use paydough or kinetic sand to make pretend cookies to bake sometimes.

Stocking filler of bake your own cookies/gingerbread men. The type you get in boxes and bags from the supermarket. My little one loves doing this with me.

My little one also liked this humpty dumpy toy. We would sing either humpty dumpy or London Bridge and crash the wall down!

Stuck for ideas for DC presents! Help!
Stuck for ideas for DC presents! Help!
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