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Scooter for 11 year old

4 replies

thebestcestmoi · 12/11/2022 09:09

Really confused with scooter sizes

Any recommendations for a scooter for an 11 year old?

thank you

OP posts:
SpinningFloppa · 12/11/2022 09:10

Adult one at that age

Hellocatshome · 12/11/2022 09:11

Adult sized stunt scooter.

Fabuleuse · 12/11/2022 09:21

If it's for scooting along paths etc rather than stunts, Liferyder do all terrain scooters that go up to age 15.

LouiseGMumsnet · 17/11/2022 09:05

Hi @thebestcestmoi Thanks for posting. Take a look at our article on the best scooters as you might find it useful in the search for the ideal scooter for your 11-year-old. The page was created with the help of recommendations of Mumsnet users and consumer reviews. Do let us know if you find it helpful.

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