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Which scooter

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houseargh · 08/11/2022 20:31

Planning to get DD, who will be 2.3, a scooter as her big present for Christmas.

Criteria are: suitable for a two year old, foldable, adjustable height handlebar, with option of using a tow strap.

Please don't say Micro Mini. I'm a terrible cynic about expensive must-have kids brands (or if you really think it's worth the price, I'd be interested to hear what sold you on it).

What other scooter would you recommend?

OP posts:
Teadrinkingmumofone · 08/11/2022 20:32

I don't know if it folds but we have got a globber for our 3 year old

Itaintwhatyoudoitsthewaythatyoudoit · 08/11/2022 20:41

We had micro minis and then the larger versions. Have both the three wheel and two wheel. I prefer the three wheel one as it’s a sturdy piece of equipment. I’d buy it again without hesitation. In comparison the two wheel feels unsafe because of the smaller wheels but one DC prefers it. Maybe it’s more fun to ride.

I’d say you could pick a second hand one up easily. That they are sold on and on speaks for itself.

Dinoteeth · 09/11/2022 00:48

Depends how tall your 2yo is.

The Globber is a good scooter, But is more suited to the average height 3yo than a very short 2yo. Smyths now sell both try them out on them.

Mine got a globber which was far too big for him, the handle doesnt go low enough, he then ended up with a hand me down mini mirco with the O bar handle.

My SIL with her tall kids swore by the Globber, my shorty got on much better with the micro.

StopsWalkingToSneeze · 09/11/2022 06:04

2.3 is that what we’re doing now?

Halfords or your local bike shop will usually have good advice. It might be the case that when you see it you’ll know. I was anti micro but then a friend got a second hand one and it was a real warhorse, coped with everything thrown at it so if you can stretch to one especially if there’s a younger sibling it would be passed onto I would go for that.

Puddywoodycat · 09/11/2022 06:59

De rollemshop, German, we got our scooter's form there and it was still cheaper than the UK inspite of postage!

greenerfingers · 10/11/2022 11:20

I'm not usually with brands too but I have to admit the micro mini was really good as it's the only scooter my son could actually take to and get a decent balance. I bought it on sale, Smyths have it currently at £55. They also have their foldable version which is more expensive but I just got the one you can take the handle off. He just turned 3 and is 50th percentile for height if that helps.

BlueChampagne · 10/11/2022 12:36

We had a knock-off mini-micro which was okay, but found a second hand one on ebay when DS got bigger; they are worth spending a bit extra on. And I'm a cynic about this sort of thing too.

houseargh · 12/11/2022 07:14

Thanks all, this is really helpful. Interesting to get hear that some other must-have-brand cynics have felt the Micro Mini was worth it. And the size thing is a consideration - hadn't really thought about that. She was 75 percentile last time checked but she'll be a young two at Christmas and I don't want to end up with something she can't use straight away.

Does anyone have thoughts on the Micro-Mini Plus versus the Micro Mini? Seems to me like a no-brainer to get one with adjustable bar that will last longer (I think it's ten or twenty more) but I'm wondering how long yours lasted if you got the original? Does the adjustable bar work ok or does it make the whole thing less sturdy?

OP posts:
Finchgold · 12/11/2022 08:08

micro Scooters are good because you can by replacement parts easily. After 2 years of heavy use the break came off my sons and I was able to replace it with help from a YouTube video.

EcoCustard · 12/11/2022 08:57

Globber have been great. Dc4 who got his for his 2nd birthday and my other 3 Dc have all had one and there still going strong years later. Dc4 has just had an upgrade to his. We had the non folding version of this.

Fabuleuse · 12/11/2022 09:03

Do you really think people buy mini micro because it's a must have brand? Does anyone actually care about the branding on their kids scooter? I just bought it because I like to get things that are good quality when it comes to items like this, especially things with wheels that my small children will hurtle themselves around on. It has been excellent, lasted two kids and still in great condition. There are always loads used on Gumtree or FB for about £20 that will probably do many more years. My t-shirts are all from Primark though if that reassures you I'm not a brand snob.

lottie2888 · 12/11/2022 09:13

I was a micro scooter sceptic then I bought a generic three wheel scooter and the front wheel fell apart when my three year old was going down hill and he bashed his face so I bought a micro. I passed that on after a few years and stuck with them. We passed all the outgrown ones on to family but we still have a maxi lurking around the garden that the 17 year old and 15 year old go on.
You can buy spare parts which is the best bit and customer service is great.
If you can afford it I’d def invest.

Youcancallmeirrelevant · 12/11/2022 09:43

At that age we used a scootiebug - folds, adjustable and light weight and cheap

Youcancallmeirrelevant · 12/11/2022 09:44

At 4yo we've just moved up to Globber which is basically a cheaper micro

BabarEnFamille · 12/11/2022 10:08

The micro mini is so quiet and smooth compared to cheaper ones, the wheels are great quality.
Ours is going strong 6 years later, DD got 4 years out of it then handed down to her brother when she got the maxi micro

TheTeenageYears · 12/11/2022 10:17

Many years ago DD had a scooter which was large and heavy. We saw a few little ones flying around on mini micro scooters and bought one. It was absolutely the best thing for her. She could zip around on it and if she wasn't on it it was super light for us to carry. There's a reason why they are so popular. No idea if there are comparable or better things on the market now, this was more than 15 years ago.

LouiseGMumsnet · 17/11/2022 09:02

Hi @houseargh Thanks for posting. I just wanted to pop in and share the link to our article in the best scooters. You might find it useful with your search. The page was created with the help of Mumsnet user recommendations and consumer reviews, so hopefully you'll find the perfect set of wheels for your daughter. Do let is know if you find it useful.

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