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A question about flashing wheeled scooters

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sittingonacornflake · 30/10/2022 11:30

What age do you think DC would grow out of liking flashing lights on the wheels of a scooter?

I am looking at getting Ds (nearly 5) the 2 wheeled foldable micro scooter and I thought the LED flashing light wheels would be cool.

However, my DF reckons that by about 7 Ds won't like them. This particular scooter is for 5-12 year olds so want it to last a long time. Although admittedly I could buy normal wheels and replace the LeD ones in a few years if needs be.

Wondered if anyone could please share thoughts / experiences.

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SpinningFloppa · 30/10/2022 11:34

My 8 year old has one and loves the lights

Haycorns4Piglet · 30/10/2022 11:40

I don't see why he wouldn't like them at 7? I had a flashing trick yo-yo at 9 or 10 that I loved.

Hellocatshome · 30/10/2022 11:42

It depends on the child and probably more accurately their friends. My son wouldn't have liked a foldable scooter by 7 let alone one with flashing wheels but that was more about his 'Sstreet cred' amongst his friends than anything else.

Mrsfussypants1 · 30/10/2022 12:26

I'd get the one with the light up wheels. If he really dislikes them you could get him new wheels for his birthday or Christmas when he's older. Micro scooter sell them, all parts are replaceable. We've updated dgd scooter for christmas from 3 wheeled to 2 but have gone with the cruiser (for bumpy grounds) and it doesn't have light up wheels (we've bought her a light for it for safety) whereas her old micro had light up wheels she's never been bothered by having them though.

sittingonacornflake · 30/10/2022 14:02

@Hellocatshome oh no it didn't even occur to me the scooter itself could become uncool by then!

@Mrsfussypants1 is the cruiser model loved? I did see that one but couldn't decide as we generally use his current on non bumpy ground but then appreciate he is likely to get more adventurous the older he gets. Now I'm debating the cruiser!

OP posts:
Hellocatshome · 30/10/2022 14:12

@sittingonacornflake it may not be the case where you are, there are plenty of people on MN whose kids seem quite happy on Micro Scooters but I've never seen a child above the age of about 5 on one where I live.

sittingonacornflake · 30/10/2022 14:18

@Hellocatshome that's interesting. I've not hugely been paying attention to what others go in. What do the kids older than 5 use by you?

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Hellocatshome · 30/10/2022 14:39

sittingonacornflake · 30/10/2022 14:18

@Hellocatshome that's interesting. I've not hugely been paying attention to what others go in. What do the kids older than 5 use by you?

They tend to be on stunt scooters, you can get ones with lower handle bars, the one we got DS was a brand called Stunted I think. I dont know wether most of the kids round here just end up with older siblings hand me downs or something but you very rarely see kids on the folding types or micro scooter types once they are old enough to balance on the 2 wheels. Like I say though a lot of people on MN have kids who love them, maybe see what your DS-s friends have and also maybe see what their older siblings have and guage how many years you might get out if it.

SkankingWombat · 30/10/2022 14:56

I'd go with a 2-wheeled stunt scooter at that age. My DCs (6&8yo) have stunt scooters that fold up, which makes packing them into the car for holidays much easier. It takes a tiny bit of adjustment to transition from 3 wheels as the steering works like a bike (the 3-wheeled Mini Micro is steered by leaning), but that shouldn't take long especially if DC has experience of cycling or balance bikes.

As for flashing wheels, surely that sort of thing never gets grown out of?! I'm 39 and would choose flashing for myself every time!

sittingonacornflake · 30/10/2022 14:59

Thanks for all your thoughts. Really useful and lots to think about.

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Grumpybutfunny · 30/10/2022 15:21

DD moved onto a stunt scooter at around 7, we currently have the Blindside Neo. I've found as he gets older doing tricks and loving the skate park a scooter really only last a year before it's showing sign of wear. He also had the G-start electric scooter which he loves

Mrsfussypants1 · 30/10/2022 16:49

@sittingonacornflake I'd go with a 2 wheeled micro stunt scooter over the cruiser. Definitely more popular around our town, I've only seen 1 cruiser and we've only gone with it because it suited the terrain on dgds route to school and ours where she mostly scoots, plus she's a bit accident prone so the bigger wheels will be better for her needs. She's not bothered by the cool factor (yet) and she isn't bothered by the fact she's the only child at school that seems to ride hers in full protective gear.

sittingonacornflake · 31/10/2022 19:27

Thank you. I think I'll go 2 wheeled. Flashing lights with the option to replace as he gets older

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