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What is a good brand of cuddly toys?

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verastan · 11/10/2022 19:16

I know jellycat but hoping not to pay as much.

I have also looked at squishmallows.....not sure if they are still en vogue.....

I want to buy for my nieces, ideally some sort of bear and a unicorn....

OP posts:
justasking111 · 11/10/2022 19:19

Have you asked their mother if she wants them to have a cuddly toy. We're drowning in them here 🙈

trampoline123 · 11/10/2022 19:20

justasking111 · 11/10/2022 19:19

Have you asked their mother if she wants them to have a cuddly toy. We're drowning in them here 🙈


Goldbar · 11/10/2022 19:53

DC has a few of the living nature ones. They have a nice brown bear. Not sure they'd do a unicorn though, although they do some dinosaurs. They have a very cute hedgehog, and the reindeer and Highland cow are nice too!

Your nieces' mother, on the other hand, might be more appreciative of one of those beanbag covers that you hide soft toys in...😁.

MeAndAutumnGoHandInHand · 11/10/2022 20:11

I fucking hate soft toys, and plan painful deaths for anyone who dares buy one for any of my children.

Misses the generosity point of the thread.

inappropriateraspberry · 11/10/2022 20:15

Please don't. Every time my children u wrap them, I die a little inside. They look lovely, they cuddle them for a minute and then they are forgotten, piled up on the bed or in a tub.

Rosio · 11/10/2022 20:23

Build a bear? Kids love those, in their box with a certificate

verastan · 11/10/2022 20:30

See I have two boys who are 9 and 11 and they have always loved them. They have some lovely ones eg jellycat whales and dragons they have been given. My youngest still surrounds himself with them in bed and genuinely cuddles them and would be mortified if I suggested getting rid of any.

I was going to get my nieces a book with bear/unicorn as a character so I though the toys would be nice to accompany them.

OP posts:
Itstarts · 11/10/2022 20:35

I didn't even realise brands for cuddly toys were a thing!

The best cuddly toy is one you choose yourself (most likely on holiday/day out).

The ultimate cuddly toy is one you win in a claw machine.

Parrotpretty · 11/10/2022 20:38

Mousehouse soft toys on Amazon

Inheritanceconfusion · 11/10/2022 20:44

Yeah maybe check in with the parents. I give them away as fast as we get given them.

pimlicoanna · 11/10/2022 20:49

Mine love them and genuinely play with them all. At the moment they talk about wanting Squishmallows and Build a Bears.

RefuseTheLies · 11/10/2022 20:53

My 6 year old loves her cuddly toys. I could happily not ever have another in the house again for the rest of eternity, but they make her happy so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now 🙃

Her favs are squishmallows, Tys, jellycat and build-a-bear (which should also come with some sort of warning about the prices of their outfits).

Ihaveaskedyouthrice · 11/10/2022 20:53

My kids adore teddies. 5 and 7 year old both want squishmallows for Christmas.

ItsStardustBackAgain · 11/10/2022 20:58

The best is Ikea, they’re amazing.

BadgerFace · 11/10/2022 20:59

My girls (6 and 8) LOVE teddies. They switched from liking jellycats to Ty Beanie Boos a few years ago (much to my disappointment!). The beanie boos have weird big eyes but that seems to be part of the attraction… Lots of unicorn options (we must have 10 different ones!). Squishmallows also very popular.

The best value teddies I’ve found are (slightly randomly) from Dunelm and Clinton Cards - huge ones for a similar price to much smaller beanie boos and great quality (but so big their parents may not thank you!!)

WithRosesAroundTheDoor · 11/10/2022 21:01

I have a 6yr old that loves her teds too. Her favourite ones are all made by Keel toys and came from the local garden centre. Not a brand particularly though.

FourChimneys · 11/10/2022 21:09

RefuseTheLies I agree about the clothes. I once paid more for a Build-a-Bear dressing gown than I did for two children's ones!

There's a lovely French brand of soft toys but I can't search from here. I'll try to find it and come back if I do.

Hophop26 · 11/10/2022 21:09

TY beanie boos - but you may want to check any they may already have, lots of girls collect them (mine are obsessed!)

FourChimneys · 11/10/2022 21:11

Moulin Roty is the brand I was thinking of, some are adorable.

Thecomfortador · 11/10/2022 21:49

Just had a quick Google and H&M appear to be doing some nice looking soft toys now - there are some cheap under a fiver ones not sure how big, and others around £18-20. A unicorn and bear feature there somewhere.

My boys are a bit obsessed with soft toys at the moment. I'm not discouraging as I prefer them to guns and computer game related stuff (they like these things too).

AreYouAFeminist · 11/10/2022 22:41

Keel are nice as pp said, but definitely check with the parents, it's a total marmite present!

Kocakolakazza · 11/10/2022 22:43

My kids like Squishmallows, TYs and Cats versus Pickles.

I hate them all.

BadGranny · 11/10/2022 22:44

They cost an arm and a leg, but Steiff are fabulous.

Moro93 · 11/10/2022 22:50

My son (4) and daughter (6) both love soft toys. They have certain ones they're attached to and choose from a selection which ones they want to take to bed that night!

Squishmallows are really good quality (avoid cheaper versions) and still popular. TY beanies are good, my son also collects the Disney princess soft dolls from the Disney Store, although that's not for everyone. Build a Bear is quite good as well.

I do agree that I'd check with a parent first as some kids love them and others aren't interested. You could check if there's any types they like/collect if they are interested.

FourChimneys · 11/10/2022 23:18

BadGranny I am lying in bed, being watched by DH's very treasured childhood Steiff bear, over 70 years old and full of character.

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