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Gift ideas for 1 year old

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Winterfellismyhome · 10/10/2022 12:32

Hello! My DD will be 11 months at Christmas and im after some ideas for her. We got her a ball ramp in B&M today which she'll love. She already has a sorting toy, a stacking toy and those squeaky eggs. We also have 4 year old DS so have lots of cars and a play kitchen. Any ideas appreciated!

Thanks :)

OP posts:
Parker231 · 10/10/2022 12:34

A cardboard box and wrapping paper - best present ever at that age group. Save your money for when they become expensive and what new phones, laptops etc

Fivemoreminutes1 · 10/10/2022 13:04

That’s Not My…. books
A wooden pull along dog
Toomies octopals
Vtech pop and drop digger
Paddington Bear talking soft toy

Sonyo · 10/10/2022 13:23

Galt Pop-Up toy
Board books
Wooden shape puzzle
Wheely-Bug or something similar, can be used up to age 3-4

I got these things for DS last year (13 months old), he still enjoys all of them at 23 months

emmathedilemma · 10/10/2022 13:35


Strawblue · 10/10/2022 13:39

Leapfrog Scout - my DS loved this
Books that have sensory things to touch
An empty box!
Ride-on vehicle

pimlicoanna · 10/10/2022 13:50

At that age the big hit was an indoor play tent/Wendy house

Bobbins2022 · 10/10/2022 14:10

My DD will be 10 months and she will be getting:

Vtech walker
Rainbow stacker
Baby Annabel for babies
Little Life backpack and reins
Personalised dressing gown
Lift the flap books
Bath toy

We have a 3 year old DS so like you already have a house full of toys!

Margo34 · 10/10/2022 14:18

If you've already got something she'll love, and lots of toys because of older child, then how about something practical like clothes in next size up, cutlery/bowl and plate set, sleep bags etc? Money towards baby groups/classes? Keep sake money box?

LT2 · 10/10/2022 14:26

I will also have an 11 month old at Christmas! Based on what he enjoys now I've thought of:
A touch and feel Christmas book
A ceiling projector light
Light up bath toys

mam0918 · 10/10/2022 18:55

My DD loved her magnadoodle at around 1 year old she still loves it now 6 months on.

Its a great way to let them scribble and be artsy without mess too.

dizzydizzydizzy · 10/10/2022 18:56

Money in her savings account for her future and a couple of small presents.

Winterfellismyhome · 11/10/2022 18:22

Thanks everyone:)

OP posts:
17caterpillars1mouse · 11/10/2022 18:33

I'm think of getting my nephew who will be 13 months at Xmas a B toys tepee with lights

NoNamesLeft234678 · 12/10/2022 16:35

Mind is 13 months old and his most played with things are his laugh and learn chair, little tikes activity garden and balls :P I'm trying to choose a kitchen for him for Christmas but there seems to be hundreds to choose from 🙈

Muststopeating · 12/10/2022 17:00

Yes yes yes to the laugh and learn chair.

We gave one to my eldest for her 1st birthday. She loved it. We wrapped it up for my now 15 month old for her 1st birthday and she just adores it. Always sitting on it and playing with the buttons.

She's been walking since 10 months so getting a (second hand and free) scuttlebug for Christmas. I have a 5 year old and nearly 4 year old so can safely say we have all the toys.

She also has a handed down pop and drop digger mentioned above and loves pushing it around.

Magnadoodle may be a stocking present for us as our original one was wrecked and ended up in the bin.

Newuser82 · 12/10/2022 17:02

A Walker toy. A ball pit, duplo, board books, bath toys, a nice outfit, a light up/flashing ball.

Winterfellismyhome · 12/10/2022 21:11

Thanks all! Managed to get a laugh and learn chair from Vinted for £10!

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EdytaRosinska · 13/10/2022 01:19

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