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5.5 yo - present ideas

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SarahWoodruff · 02/10/2022 10:27

DD will get a new scooter as her 'main present' for Christmas, having outgrown her mini Micro. But I have no ideas for stocking fillers or suggestions for relatives. In particular, my very sweet brother tends (despite my pleas) to get something large and slightly unsuitable and I'd like to channel him towards something that will get used since I can't seem to persuade him to just get her a book.

She doesn't like: dolls. Also uninterested in clothes, bath bombs, lip balm etc.

She likes but has lots of: Lego, magformers, art/ craft stuff, Sylvanian families, soft toys. Already has a tracing pad which gets lots of use. She does dance, swimming and gymnastics but doesn't need any extra kit for those (we have limited space anyway and she has a folding bar thing for swinging on). She likes climbing trees but that's not very helpful....

She is interested in animals and science generally (refuses all kids' movies and insists on watching David Attenborough). She loves to read - she has plenty of books but I will certainly get her a couple of new ones. However, we mostly use the library as she gets through books very quickly and we have a small house which is already full of books. Apart from reading she loves maths but is less keen on writing (we are working on this but I don't think Christmas is all about educational improvement!)

My only brainwave was a kids' microscope but anything at a reasonable price point gets very mixed reviews as far as I can see.

Any creative ideas would be very welcome!

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Flopisfatteningbingforchristmas · 03/10/2022 13:54

Whizz, pop, bang subscription
family membership to visit local attraction
live pet guinea pig
those cake mix set, there is a galaxy and slime one
slime making kit

44PumpLane · 03/10/2022 14:21

What about a slackline set if you have outdoor space.....similar to the gorilla kit but you set it up outside.....I like the idea of the gorilla kit but no way would my two be safe swinging between a door frame.....there would be chunks out of it in no time!! But I am considering a slackline kit.

Dogtooth · 03/10/2022 14:28

Go Ape lets kids under 6 go on some attractions if they're over 1m tall...

DD loves Nat Geo kids magazine

GettingStuffed · 03/10/2022 20:53

A microscope, I loved mine from very young

Finchgold · 03/10/2022 22:20

Has she got a watch?
Kiwico do cool subscription science boxes. Learning Resources do loads of good science kits.
My son loved this science kit last year

SarahWoodruff · 04/10/2022 01:04

@44PumpLane we have small trees in our (small) garden but they are only about 2m apart so I think a slackline might not work. We do have a gymnastics bar which she swings on and somersaults around (which I would recommend for parents of active kids who have small houses to deal with).

That does give me an idea, though - a session at our local bouldering place. She loves dangling from one arm.

Very grateful for all the suggestions, thank you to everyone.

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