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Toy for 7 month old

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PlanBea · 19/12/2021 11:39

DS's first Christmas is coming up and I promise I haven't gone overboard! His gifts are weaning suction plates, bibs, a bath towel, all stuff he would have got anyway. I'd then bought him the Tomy hide and squeak eggs as a fun gift and was excited that he would love them now but also for a while to come.

Well, we met with my aunt a few days ago, who has given him hide and squeak eggs for Christmas. On the good side, he does love them! But now I want to get him a small toy to replace the eggs in his stocking. I don't want to go overboard (he has grandparents for that!) but I'd like to get him something he will actually like and choose to play with as opposed to just all practical things.

So what toys are a guaranteed hit for a 7 month old?

OP posts:
WalkingOnSonshine · 19/12/2021 12:04

He’ll love the eggs, I’ve not met a baby who doesn’t!

DS loved the Linkimals animals, we’ve got him the little moose for Christmas.

PlanBea · 19/12/2021 12:53

@WalkingOnSonshine yes, he's very happy with the eggs (we opened the parcel in front of my aunt as he's going to be overwhelmed on the day anyway!). I'm a little gutted but also relieved that I was right about them! Haha.

I will have a look at the linkimals!

OP posts:
DockOTheBay · 19/12/2021 12:55

Shape sorter, stacking rings, nesting cups for the bath or building towers, teething toys, xylophone

Prettypennies · 19/12/2021 13:42

Musical toys like a rainmaker and maracas

lavenderhoneyfig · 19/12/2021 13:44

Stacking cups or soft building blocks

ItsTheTreasure · 19/12/2021 14:00

I have a 7 month old. We/family have got stacking cups, a plastic snow globe with a picture of him in (hobby craft), a linkimals, rubber animal finger puppets, toot toot cars, a noisy book. He also already has and likes a activity triangle

Fivemoreminutes1 · 19/12/2021 14:36

Pop up farmyard friends

Icebreaker99 · 19/12/2021 15:15

Soft building blocks for the win! You can get sensory ones with different textures and mirrors etc, fun to build, fun to throw and fun to squeeze.

17caterpillars1mouse · 19/12/2021 15:52

The fisher price cookie jar was a huge hit in this house (the song is still stuck in my head several years later though'

A Manhattan skwish was loved too and is always a hit with visiting babies

Xylophone - we have the hallit one and it's still played with 5 years later

A pop up play tunnel

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