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A baby’s first Christmas present - which heirloom type toy?

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ChristmasAtHogwarts · 03/12/2021 16:51

I have a beautiful new baby girl and I want to get her a heirloom type soft toy which I know she won’t play with yet but I’d like to show her that it was her first Christmas present.
I like the Maileg mice, the little Dutch rag dolls and that type of thing. I’d like it to be suitable from birth of 12+ months ideally but it doesn’t matter if not. It’s more to put away for her so I can show her what I brought her for her first Christmas!
Can anyone recommend or help me decide pleaseV

OP posts:
RedSquirrelsAreAwesome · 04/12/2021 23:44

I’m so glad I found this thread I’ve never heard of Maileg mice and I’ve just ordered my DD one for her first Christmas. They are so sweet!
If anyone is interested there is a 10% code for the Smallkins website which just worked for me and it is SMALLKINS.

LibbyL92 · 04/12/2021 23:47

Not a gift but my mum and dad bought a Christmas bauble with my name and year of my first Christmas on it (1992)

It now sits on my Christmas and it’s incredibly special it really makes me smile when I look at it.

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere · 04/12/2021 23:49

All my children had a Steiff bear bought by parents then when my daughter married and brought two step children into the family I bought Steiff bears for them as well (with their mum's blessing). I collect Steiff and firmly believe that they are to be played with, not to sit on a shelf.

The other heirloom present my youngest was given is a large traditional rocking horse although I'm not sure if that was bought for her or for me.

CheeseMmmm · 05/12/2021 00:03

Point about steiff/ similar that with babies and cuddly toys nothing is a given!

My mum got DDS one each when born.

Neither took them up as one of faves let alone the fave.

There is no predicting which or even what soft thing a baby will attach to when get old enough to form preferences/ attachments.

Some form an inseparable bond with... Anything. A teatowel. Certain blanket or item of clothing. An impulse buy/ gift of cuddler nothing special was clearance v cheap. Mums scarf. I mean no telling.

So yes they are lovely but don't be surprised if it doesn't get interest.

(My mum felt it was my fault that they weren't interested! She was really put out that babies under one had their own ideas! I put them in bed at night, talked them up (so cuddly!) and played with them and child ... Nothing. I don't think she's got over it! Her view was they should sense the quality and have good taste Grin).

Anyway yes totally unpredictable.

ConfusedBear · 05/12/2021 00:06

If you find something you like then don't worry if the toy is "special" enough. It will be special because it is the first Christmas present and was chosen with love.

loveablequalities · 05/12/2021 00:16

My friend has this beautiful website

It's full of absolutely beautiful toys.

521Jeanie · 05/12/2021 00:20

I love a rag doll. I bought one for my daughters first Christmas.

CheeseMmmm · 05/12/2021 00:31

My ideas fwiw based on my kids, and also actually not being 100% familiar with heirloom present concept but think get gist.

Baby first Xmas mine were 6 months and zero idea what going on. Both were more interested in the packaging (box) rather than content. Like cats. The boxes were really exciting though!
So get fair few pics. Hopefully catch smiles. Sitting with family smiling holding out box.
Those pics when we look at it old pics kids like and grown ups all gooey.
Or can frame to get best and DC can see the love etc if first Xmas, so much pic is there.

I assume this is about giving things to mark occasion, and hopefully hand down if (if) they have children? To Sometimes look at and share feeling of love/ warmth, that sort of thing? Sorry if that's not right.

How about things that are lovely in general? That they will be interested in throughout rather than for little ones?


Good quality (made to last) locket or photoframe with pictures of them at first Xmas, with mum/dad?

Some kind of gorgeous little box thing made out of fancy wood well made etc. With card from you 1st Xmas, photos, anything. Letter from you about how you felt when they were born (positive obviously!). Maybe pics of any close family/ family very important to you, who sadly they will never meet?

That sort of thing.

caringcarer · 05/12/2021 00:52

I bought my dd a wooden rocking horse. Not a huge one but one she could use from about 1 - 4 years old. She used it for her own 2 sons.

FinallyFluid · 05/12/2021 01:32


My son got a push along dog ( Bob ) for his first Christmas , he’s lovely and we still have him , son is 28 now .


We bought our DS something similar from Hamley's, we called him Bailey because he was the exact same colour, last year at the hairy age of 20 DS wanted him under the tree.
Floralnomad · 05/12/2021 09:28

@FinallyFluid thats lovely , we have a moose by our tree called Murray .

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