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Mini micro scooter

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londongirlinaus · 17/11/2021 23:01

Hi Mums and Dads!

My son will be 17 months at Christmas and has been walking and running since 13 months old. His Grandparents are wondering about buying him a Micro scooter for Christmas. Do you think we’ll need the one with the seat or should we go straight to the mini micro? Thanks!

OP posts:
Whatcameoutofme · 18/11/2021 05:48

We got our daughter a globber which converts from a push thing they sit on, to a ride on, to a scooter. She's never liked the ride on, pushing herself but we pushed her on it which is handy. She didn't use the scooter until she was two but now at 2y3months scooters twice a day at the park and loves it. 17 months might be a biy soon unless he sees loads of other kids doing it, that might tempt him

Danikm151 · 18/11/2021 05:54

Maybe a scuttle bug instead 🙂

ChilliMum · 18/11/2021 05:57

We got the seat and tbh ds was never bothered but once we took the seat off he was away and loved it but like a pp he was about 2 at that time.

I would still say it's a good gift though as he might be a bit young now but it will be there and ready for him in the spring / early summer when he should be just about ready to enjoy it.

Redlorryyellowlorryblue · 18/11/2021 05:58

Maybe a bit too young. It’s a great second birthday present though.

sunshineandrain82 · 18/11/2021 18:06

My son got his mini micro scooter at 18m.
He has ridden it every day since.
We are getting a maxi one this year at 5 as we are now on its highest setting.

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