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My baby's first Teddy

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RedRobyn2021 · 17/11/2021 09:26

When I was a child I LOVED teddy's, gifting my daughter her first teddy bear is something I've looked forward to and would like to do it at Christmas.

But I can't decide which Teddy

Does anyone have any suggestions?

OP posts:
Curlymam88 · 17/11/2021 09:32

Hi, have a look on etsy. Im due my baby just before Xmas and been thinking of getting her a personalised first xmas teddy off there, only thing is she doesn't have a name yet so I'm holding off 🤣

Idontgiveagriffindamn · 17/11/2021 09:33

The soft toys that my kids have bonded with the most have all come from jelly cat. They’ve liked others for a couple of months but then gone off them.

shivawn · 17/11/2021 10:05

How old is your daughter?

jpbee · 17/11/2021 10:21

I got gifted a few soft toys when my daughter was born and decided to chose her a main one as the one she would go to sleep with at night. I went for an M&S grey elephant, its lovely and soft and big enough to cuddle at night. she's 3.5 now and still sleeps with it every night.
It's still on the website now called 'Vintage Elephant' at £14.
She hasn't got any actual teddy bears though, they have all been animals.

RedRobyn2021 · 17/11/2021 10:25


I e been looking at Jellycat they've got some great choices

OP posts:
RedRobyn2021 · 17/11/2021 10:25


She will be 10 months at Christmas

OP posts:
Sheldock · 17/11/2021 10:27

JellyCat...DS got his first just after being born, he's had a new one each year so now has a lovely collection. He's 12 now and still likes a new one even though they all sit on his shelf...except for the one he got for his first birthday that he still sleeps with.

RedRobyn2021 · 17/11/2021 10:28


I've just had a look, he's gorgeous

OP posts:
bakingdemon · 17/11/2021 10:31

The Jellycat Bumbly Bear is gorgeous. But in practice you can't control which soft toy your kids end up favouring! I wish my DS loved his Bumbly Bear but he is surgically attached to a much smaller and less cuddly toy which someone gave him 🤷‍♀️

SmallestInTheClass · 17/11/2021 10:31

Jellycat Medium Edward Bear is lovely and a good size for cuddling in bed.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 17/11/2021 10:32

Yy to Jellycat. I'd buy them for myself if I could spare the funds.

My dd (10), still sleeps with her Jellycat.

EnidFrighten · 17/11/2021 10:33

Don't spend too much, DC have never been bothered about their 'special' teddies, they tend to love some weird thing that cost 50p in a charity shop instead!

DoucheCanoe · 17/11/2021 10:59

If you've saved any of her baby clothes you can get one made from those from sellers on Etsy.

Shewholovedthethebanhills · 17/11/2021 11:00

Steiff have some very soft and cuddly ones that are not too expensive. We have a few (teddies and other animals in that range) and they wear much better than our Jellycat equivalents. They’ve survived the washing machine a few times over the years too! This kind of thing:

SheWoreYellow · 17/11/2021 11:02

Mine always preferred the ones they chose themselves. Annoyingly!

Caspianberg · 17/11/2021 11:05

Jellycat do lovely soother teddies which are suitable for in babies cot at young age as well.

Ds loves his cordy roy fox soother

badgerread · 17/11/2021 11:06

Jellycat! my 17 and 12 year olds still have theirs!

We had the monkey and the giraffe but there is loads more choice now.

Crumblinginside · 17/11/2021 11:06

Jellycat soft toys are amazing

Danikm151 · 17/11/2021 11:11

My son is attached to a little lamb I got from Primark after his first scan. He loved it so much now we have 3. (Backups are a must)
It’s small so he can hold it in one hand.

Hetyanni · 17/11/2021 11:15

If she was born this year, I would go for one which has the year embroidered on it. I got DS a Christmas Mickey with 2018 on the foot and Hamley's do a bear with the year on it xx

Hetyanni · 17/11/2021 11:15

Sorry the Christmas Mickey was from Disney store

Hetyanni · 17/11/2021 11:16

Also, dd's favourite Teddy is a jellycat and dd's favourite Teddy is from M&S, they do lovely ones.

Eeeeeps · 17/11/2021 11:17

Try and get one in a ‘standard’ size so you can buy it clothes from Build a Bear and don’t have to spend hours scouring eBay / charity shops / learning to sew (speaks from bitter experience Grin)

Hetyanni · 17/11/2021 11:32

This what I would choose:

Hesma · 17/11/2021 12:25

For their first Christmas my parents gave my DDs a Harrods teddy with the year on

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