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What are you getting for nearly 7 year old boy?

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Flymeoutofhere · 15/09/2021 11:27

DS will be turning 7 after Christmas so I wondered what people are getting their child of a similar age please.

He loves Lego and books but also would like a Nintendo Switch after playing it at a friends house. We’re not too sure about this as were worried he will find it too addictive so I’d like some other ideas too.


OP posts:
Peabody25 · 15/09/2021 13:38

Hot wires
Board games/ card games - labyrinth, outfoxed, battle sheep, uno, dobble, cluedo, scrabble, kersplatt
Marble run
Turing tumble
Galt sets eg magnets, science
Laser maze
Snap circuits
Roller skates
Stomp rocket
Nerf guns
Jigsaw puzzles

If you need book ideas then diary of a wimpy kid, Tom Gates, Mr Penguin series, kid YouTuber books, iguana boy, Jack stalwart, toto the ninja cat, Mr Gum, the land of roar, bunny vs monkey, dogman, cat kid, investigators (a series about alligator investigators), treehouse books, my brothers a superhero, captain underpants

ImFree2doasiwant · 15/09/2021 13:39

Following! So far I have lego....

carolinesbaby · 15/09/2021 14:02

Following too...

Tabbypawpaw · 15/09/2021 14:26

A coding robot thing called Botley, I haven’t looked too deeply at it yet but earmarked it as a possibility. My son is nearly 7 and isn’t particularly into Lego but still plays with magnatiles (and their newish offering magnaqubix which are 3D) and magformers. He’s also into snapcircuits. The Lawrence King games like I saw it first! And Ocean Bingo are a big hit.
Also looking at the BRIO maze/labyrinth thing as their pinball game has been such a hit. Last Xmas he got some hexbugs and they’re still played with. Out of a large cardboard box we made a maze/challenges and let them loose - was fun.
Also a Harry Potter dvd and maybe something related like the light up wand. Also I’ve marked the HAPE swing as we go to the woods a lot and you can set it up between 2 trees to make a swing/hammocks
And also the ‘plus plus 300 neon tube’ it’s a container of little pieces you can then form together to make other things.

Tabbypawpaw · 15/09/2021 14:28

And books of course - going to get him the Guiness books of world records and prob a big illustrated Harry Potter.
He’s not so far expressed any interest in a switch so no plans to get one!

Anotherdayanotherdollar · 15/09/2021 14:31

A nintendo switch with games, likely harry potter and minecraft,
Board games

Ricekrispie22 · 15/09/2021 17:19

Vtech marble rush adventure
Remote control car
Hama beads
Choose Your Own Adventure books

GameSetMatch · 15/09/2021 18:42

Treasure X (both my boys are obsessed with this we have two of everything)
Nano hex bugs nanoplex
Plus plus (little plus shaped bit to make ‘stuff’)
A super duper water gun
Junk bots

doodlejump1980 · 18/09/2021 07:25

Following. Our twin boys will be 7 in January, so birthdays to think of too! Argh!

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