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kids amazon fire

5 replies

honehmooh · 10/09/2021 14:04

Has anyone got one, how did you find it, is it rubbish? I've seen mixed reviews on amazon, such as damaged charger, lag, problems connecting to the internet and issues with downloading apps. Not sure if these are problems with a individual devices here and there or happen to them all within a few months if you know what I mean.

OP posts:
BettyOBarley · 10/09/2021 14:17

Both our DC have one and I have to say personally I think they are terrible. I know people who disagree though. We've had them a year and are going to get DD7 a normal android this Xmas. It's fine for DS4 as he doesn't use it much.

Issues we've found are : slow/laggy, games freezing all the time have to restart fairly often, games that have been downloaded needing downloading again and then doesn't do it so have to reload from parent side, the whole putting stuff on from the parent side is a faff, no youtube kids without a work around, no Google play store, can't share content to kids profile such as kids videos from Prime subscription, keeps saying no memory even though there is an empty SD card in it, confusing home page for younger dc .. they are just issues I can think of right now..!
I would go for an android tablet with good parental controls.

Good sides are the free subscription for a year and the fact you can get it replaced if it breaks no questions asked (I believe)

PinkJam · 10/09/2021 16:27

We have had ours for 3 years and honestly no problems at all with it. It’s been dropped loads of times and yet still in good condition. We haven’t had issues downloading games or anything. I don’t know if we have just been really lucky but have been pleased with it.

yourfavouritemuggle · 10/09/2021 19:07

We've had ours for years.. like the previous poster said they aren't very good if your children are interested in YouTube and some of the games my children like to play aren't available on the kids profile, so I had to download them on the normal fire homepage which is password protected.. so it gets confusing!
I'd say they were perfect for up to 6 year olds - with the guarantee so drops/breakages are covered and easy to use kids profile for watching certain shows. But for older children who want to play minecraft, YouTube, google for homework etc.. I would say there are ones a lot better for the cost. My daughter prefers to use our old iPad now and shes 7.

AliceMck · 10/09/2021 20:06

We got 3 last year for our DCs, they love them and do everything they want.

JustSayingItHowItIs · 10/09/2021 20:38

My son has the newest edition. I think it's great. I was hesitant too but it's really good. I will get a SD card though for more storage.

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