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Scooter for 2.5 yr old

19 replies

MeadowHay · 11/12/2020 14:45

Any scooter recommendations? I'm thinking something light would be good as we don't have a car so I can envision carrying it around a lot...!

OP posts:
legalseagull · 11/12/2020 14:59

Mini micro hands down. My daughter had one from 2 and my DS is getting one for Christmas age 21 months. They last until they're about 5 I think

plumpootle · 11/12/2020 15:00

Agree Micro. Ours is third hand and still going strong

Friendshighschool · 11/12/2020 15:08

I know you’ve said scooter and not asked for opinions but what about a balance bike? DS got his at 2.5 and a pedal bike when he was 3. Never needed stabilisers.

As I say you didn’t ask but I would also recommend a mini micro.

Equimum · 11/12/2020 15:31

Definitely a Mini-Micro. We bought one for DS1 when he was around that age, in 2014. He used and abused it non-stop until the age of five when his younger brother took it on. It’s now headed off to their cousin, heavily used but still fully working and never having had a problem.

OllietheOwl · 11/12/2020 15:33

Ditto for the Micro! I bought DDa cheapy one before that and she hated it. Always complained it was “too bumpy/too hard to push”. I kept seeing these kids whizzing everywhere on their scooters and realised they all had mini micros. More expensive at £50 but worth every penny. DD loves hers now and scoots everywhere!

idontevenknowanyonecalledblurb · 11/12/2020 15:34

Mini micro 100% we managed to get ours 50% off from jojo maman Bebe last year- look out for their vouchers

Twilightstarbright · 11/12/2020 15:45

We had a micro but are swapping for a globber which folds down.

MeadowHay · 11/12/2020 18:42

What's the difference between the standard micro and th deluxe? I saw JL only sell the deluxe and nearly had a heart attack at £80 for a 2yr Old's scooter Shock hah. I never realised they could be so expensive! But I've found the standard one at Halfords for £50.

Ah does the micro not fold then? Will look up the Globber too.

Thanks all.

She does have a balance bike (hand me down, no idea of brand), but she's still a bit too short to use it comfortably even on its smallest settings. She's on the short side for her age (around 25th centile).

OP posts:
Thistles24 · 11/12/2020 21:03

I went for the mini micro deluxe at the start of lockdown- DS was only 18 months, and to be honest has only now, at 26 months started attempting to use it.
I’m pretty impressed with it, it was almost fully assembled, just had to slot the handlebar in. It’s very light but sturdy, and has taken the weight of the 12 & 10 year old!
The deluxe has adjustable handle bar, the regular doesn’t which is the only difference as far as I’m aware. My DS is very small for his age, so I felt it was worth getting the deluxe. It is a lot of money,but I got it using my Very account so did 3 interest free payments which softened the blow!

cautiouscovidity · 13/12/2020 07:25

Mini Micro. We just had the standard one (Deluxe is a fairly new model that didn't exist back then). DD was v small for her age but was fine with it age 2 1/2.
It's so worth the investment. The cheaper ones are so much noisier / wobblier / harder to scoot.

RhubarbAndMustard · 13/12/2020 07:59

Another vote for Mini Micro (again Deluxe didn't exist when I bought).

1 scooter has served both my kids. My nearly 5yr old still uses it. It was a god send getting my sons to nursery and back every day. Super sturdy, so light and easy to pick up and carry if they want to walk. Probably the best £50 purchase we've had for their younger years.

Bikingbear · 13/12/2020 08:43

25th centile - mini micro deluxe. The handle adjusts and suits smaller kids better.

The globber suits taller children better. My shorty was 3.5 before he was big enough for the Globber.

Remmy123 · 13/12/2020 09:08

Micro scooter but do t bother getting the mini - my son was using the normal size one fron 2.5 with ease.

SWLondonTown · 13/12/2020 09:12

Get the mini micro that has the adjustable handle bars, especially if she is short so it can grow with her. Also get the pull and carry strap (about a fiver) so that you can carry it easily over your shoulder when not being used and great to have a strap on the roads in the early days!

PinGwyn · 13/12/2020 09:14

Mine both had the Ozbozz My First Scooter at 2 and got on well with it until 5 then passed it on to nursery where is still in use.

Our budget wouldn't stretch to the mini micro at the time so think it was around £20 - it has 4 wheels but can be set as a 4,3 or 2 which was useful as they gained their balance/confidence.

I didn't drive so it was also handy to have something that folded!

Wheresmycider · 13/12/2020 13:31

The brand that makes the scuttle bugs also make scooters and they are great for toddlers. Think a search for scootie bug will bring them up.

KarlKennedysDurianFruit · 13/12/2020 14:41

We got DS a micro deluxe for Christmas, the Eco one made from recycled stuff. DN has one and it's lasted ages, the adjustable height is a real benefit, the steering is good, every single piece (wheels, nuts, bolts etc) is replaceable very cheaply if something does get broken and they have a reasonable resale value if in decent condition. We got the matching helmet and a little set that includes a light, bell and pull/carry strap. He stops and stares everytime someone scoots past in the park or in town and loved having a go on his cousin's in the summer although he had the next size up as he's a bit older. There was a £20 discount code if you Google. It's his main present so we thought it was worth spending a bit more and getting something solid that'll last a while, I like the company ethos too around sustainability etc.

Bikingbear · 13/12/2020 15:05


Micro scooter but do t bother getting the mini - my son was using the normal size one fron 2.5 with ease.

I assume what your trying to say is the standard mini micro handle was fine for your 2.5yo and not to bother with the O bar handle that's designed for very small kids that can be used as with a seat.

The standard mini micro handle and the globber handle were both far to big for my short DS. He was 3.5 before he was tall enough for either.

In fact he was given a Globber with a seat attachment, which he never used, then he got a hand me down mini micro with the Obar handle, when he was about two and used it until he was closer to 3.5

The deluxe mm hand height adjusts between the Obar height and the standard handle height
Bubbinsmakesthree · 13/12/2020 22:25

We have micros for the kids - we weren’t allowed to leave the kids scooters at school for a while after lockdown so I was carrying two of the a mile each way every day. I have carry straps and wear them slung diagonal across my shoulder and it’s perfectly comfortable.

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