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What to buy for baby who will be 6 months

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Ginfilledcats · 04/11/2020 21:51

Hi all,

Looking for some advice/inspo as to what to buy my DD who will be 6m at Christmas. Looking for a mix of stuff she can play with right away and stuff she can grow into over the next 6m (til birthday) or year and beyond. I was going to get books and high chair toys etc. But thinking for the "big" item

Can you give me any ideas please, and tell me if any of the below are a good idea for her (note I won't be getting them all - no way, these are just things I've seen online but not sure if age appropriate). Some ideas I'll keep for birthday!

Tunnel (for when she can crawl)
Teepee/tent thing
Rocking horse
Pull along toys (is that better once she's walking)
Stacking cubes/cups (wooden vs plastic?)
Activity table / activity cube

(Ps I realise she's 6m old and won't have a clue/give a damn, but I do)

OP posts:
sohypnotic · 04/11/2020 22:05

Jumperoos are always a hit, but pricey so worth picking up second hand if you can. Plastic Stacking cups - can then also be used in bath and sandpit later on. Tomy hide and squeak eggs - my 3year old still likes them. Felt flap books - more robust then paper flaps - the 'where's mr owl?' range are all nice. Ball pit and balls - fun but messy! Sensory balls and flashing balls are also good.

Scout2016 · 04/11/2020 22:11

We had an activity Walker that got loads of use. The activity board bit came off to play with then there was the pushing about / trying to walk aspect. This sort of thing.

Another toy that was played with lots is Leapfrog My Discovery House which I can only see on Ebay now. It's great as all one piece so easily transportable to take places, as is the activity bit of the walker. Have given it to other children too who have loved it.

Scout2016 · 04/11/2020 22:16
AnnaSW1 · 04/11/2020 22:27

100% a jumperoo. Pure bliss for them Smile

myhobbyisouting · 04/11/2020 23:24

Got to disagree with a jumperoo due to stress on the hip joints (not something I thought about with my first but DDH is no joke as I found out with my second!)

I'd say a My Pal Scout at that age. Set it up with DCs name and songs of choice etc before Christmas Day so it's ready

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