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If my 5yo likes aqua beads and kinetic sand he will also like what?

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Pansypath · 29/10/2020 23:45

He likes self contained craft things like aqua beads and kinetic sand, both of these in the version he has pack away in their own carry case. He has loads do generic art stuff including pencils with his name on. But any other art sets that he might like. He likes things he can do without help that are quite tactile but don’t need too much dexterity (he hasn’t enjoyed beads really).

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 30/10/2020 07:56

Play foam
Tap tap rockets/vehicles
Galt water magic kits
Paint by sticker books

Mothersruin123 · 30/10/2020 08:18

Play doh?

Air drying clay?

Galt do some great kits e.g. foil art, mosaic art, beady key rings, mould and paint kits.

Mister Maker also do craft kits that we gave out in kids party bags one year.

Also look at Baker Ross. They have loads of different craft kits and many are seasonally themed e.g. Halloween, Christmas.

My daughter loves aqua beads and also has Hama beads (the ones you iron). We got her the advent calendar last year which gave us 24 xmas themed patterns to follow, 3 or 4 boards, and enough beads that we're only half way through them even with regular use through the year.

doubleshotespresso · 30/10/2020 08:24

Play doh
Foam moulding kits
Click stick assembly kits
Paint stamps
Fizzy water play

Thehollyandtheirony · 30/10/2020 08:33

Sabbiarelli sand painting. The sand is contained inside different coloured pens.

TeddyIsaHe · 30/10/2020 08:35

Slime kits! Amazon have some fab ones. Dd loves it (and I really enjoy making it with her too!). There’s scents and add-ins etc. Great way to spend an afternoon.

imevarussel · 15/10/2021 17:40

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NichyNoo · 15/10/2021 17:41

Hamma beads

NichyNoo · 15/10/2021 17:42

Oh God, zombie thread!

2lsinllama · 15/10/2021 17:44

Play dough - make it yourselves, together. I did that with a bunch of four year olds today and the making was as much fun as the playing!

HomeSliceKnowsBest · 15/10/2021 20:33

Fimo! Though DD7 much prefers the knockoff polymer modelling plastic off Ebay (thankfully as it's about quarter the price!).
This keeps her busy for a good couple of hours at a time, making all sorts of fiddly little things!

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