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Giant cuddly toys?

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Lostinagoodbook · 05/10/2020 22:02

Wanting to get a large cuddly toy for ds- preferably a dinosaur or marine reptile!! And a lion/ bear for youngest. Any ideas? Ideally big enough for them to lounge around on as well as play with. Or beanbag chairs instead possibly???!!?

OP posts:
Equimum · 05/10/2020 22:58

Wilkinson’s usually have them in the run-up to Christmas.

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 05/10/2020 23:00

Asda have massive ones (as in bigger than a child). I've seen a dinosaur in the box.

Legoandloldolls · 05/10/2020 23:03

Asda! I got a mashoosive dinosaur for £25 and a equally huge unicorn for £20

mostwomencanbetter · 05/10/2020 23:04

Symths toys do giant teddy's 100cm or 150cm. Just type in soft toy on their website.

Disney do large size plush toys. We have a large Simba. Not giant but pretty big, can used as a pillow type size . They might have a character that would suit?

Personally giant soft toys is my worst storage nightmare. Simba lives ontop of a wardrobe here staring down ...

Giant cuddly toys?
everythingisginandroses · 05/10/2020 23:21

Argos have a whale shark!

I have purchased a big Makka Pakka for DN from there, which I think I am going to regret when it comes to postage time Xmas Hmm

Fivemoreminutes1 · 06/10/2020 04:32
OohKittens · 06/10/2020 09:59

The large melissa and doug large soft toys are brilliant. We have quite a few and the sea turtle is lovely. They are on amazon.

Lostinagoodbook · 06/10/2020 18:58

Ooooh thankyou everyone!!! Have also found a shark at ikea. Will look through the other links!! Am tempted by a smaller jellycat cuddly for the youngest now!

OP posts:
whatwillicallmyself · 10/10/2020 11:28

Hi Aldi will have them in their toy sale which is on the 22nd Oct over here in Ireland, they have sloths, bear, dinosaur 100cm high and apparently €14.99 so even less in sterling. They look lovely.

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