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Coffee subscription

3 replies

Longleggedlovely · 27/11/2019 15:14

Can anyone recommend a coffee bean subscription company or just anywhere that delivers amazing coffee beans please? Perfect present for coffee loving DH!

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ElloBrian · 27/11/2019 15:16

I got my mum a Hasbean subscription last year and she loves it so much that I think I will get it for her again this year !


Mskatonic · 27/11/2019 15:26

We have a pact subscription and it's great! I don't drink coffee but it smells amazing and my husband says it makes much better coffee than any coffee shop. We have an espresso machine and grinder so get whole beans but they can also send you the beans ground to suit any coffee making method. The beans are only roasted on the day they are sent so super fresh which apparently makes all the difference!


Longleggedlovely · 27/11/2019 15:32

Thank you both so much! I will have a look tonight, it’s whole beans I’m on the look out for.

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