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Present for new dad from baby

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Russell19 · 21/11/2019 20:01

Hi! I have a 6 month old baby boy and want to get something for my husband from him. Maybe personalised or something with meaning. Wondering if anyone has any ideas?

I did the handprint/footprint thing for father day so ideally something a bit different.

Thank you all!

OP posts:
Russell19 · 21/11/2019 20:02

Father's day** sorry!

OP posts:
Bellyfullofbiscuits · 21/11/2019 20:03

I think his child is the biggest gift.

ILoveDolly · 21/11/2019 20:04

If you have a nice photo of them together you could get an artist (on Etsy for instance) to turn it into a artwork. Depending on his tastes it could be anything, an oil painting, a mock record cover, etc etc.

Her0utdoors · 21/11/2019 20:12

I hope the baby is getting something for you too?

Bellyfullofbiscuits · 21/11/2019 20:13

Sorry didn't mean to sound a misery guts, but you have given him the most beautiful unique gift in the world.

Vodkafairy75 · 21/11/2019 20:13

I got a personalised key ring from Etsy saying “The day you became my Daddy” with our son’s name and date of birth on it. Like this 👉🏻

He doesn’t want to use it in case it gets lost so that was a waste 🤷🏻‍♀️

KittyMcTitty · 21/11/2019 20:15

Not on the high street does great stuff! And have a look at laser boutique

babysnowman · 21/11/2019 20:24

I got DH this book 'from DD' for his birthday. It's beautiful and really well made

Russell19 · 21/11/2019 22:10

Awwww thanks everyone! I know he has the best gift with our baby but wanted a little token something with it being his first Christmas as Daddy ❤

OP posts:
sammiej55 · 21/11/2019 23:11

Aw first Christmas how exciting!!

I like NOTH but can be expensive, this site does some really nice personalised gifts for dads and for family


WagtailRobin · 21/11/2019 23:40

Etsy and Not On The High Street both offer some really unique personalised gifts, I would look on those sites.

Otherpeoplesteens · 22/11/2019 10:46

A personalised Christmas decoration which you get out every Christmas might be nice.

stridesy · 22/11/2019 13:12

Key ring, phone case, iPad cover, Christmas family bauble. Matching football shirts/pjs/jumpers.

reluctantbrit · 22/11/2019 20:42

DH would have hated all the “daddy” presents. DD gave him a voucher for a photo shot we did the week after Christmas and one picture of all of us is, 12 years later, still over the mantelpiece in the living room.

You could go the practical way, travel mug to keep his drink hot while taking care of him. Pass for the local pool to take him swimming.

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