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Science gifts for 8 year old

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OrSomeSortOfWokAtTheVeryLeast · 28/10/2019 13:03

My daughter is really into science, I have found a few scientific type gifts for Christmas, but could do with some more. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also any science experiment kits. There seems to be so many and I dont know which to go for.

OP posts:
OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea · 28/10/2019 13:13

Dd loves her snap circuits kits. You can get more to add to them over time. She's nearly 11 and has built up a collection which she still uses.

Have a look at bright minds online. They have lots of stem toys.

I think science kit wise most stuff can be done with household goods so buying a kit feels a bit pointless though we've had fun with some of the science museum things.

What about a magazine? Whizz pop bang is great for kids that age.

SaveMeBarry · 28/10/2019 13:28

I agree BrightMinds can be useful for ideas, also take a look at Wicked Uncle and learning resources. Those sites can be expensive so if you spot something there definitely search to see where it’s available at the best price.

This science and nature magazine subscription might be of interest.

ColdRainAgain · 28/10/2019 13:46

+1 for snap circuits.
Microscope plus blank slides, rubix cube and magformers or geomags type sets are all well used here.

FrankenCat · 28/10/2019 16:30

My DS loved the grow your own crystals set last year, it was fascinating to watch them grow.

Equimum · 28/10/2019 19:24

We got some of the John Adams Gross science kits last year. The beating heart one was brilliant for learning how the heart functions, and our son lived the space one.

kateandme · 28/10/2019 19:32

does she like reading.konnie huq from blue peter fame has bought out a series about a girl obsessed with science called Cookie.

noblegiraffe · 28/10/2019 19:37

Laser maze or gravity maze are great.

drspouse · 28/10/2019 20:57

Snap Circuits or a marble run!

OrSomeSortOfWokAtTheVeryLeast · 29/10/2019 17:35

Some great ideas here, thank you! Does anyone have a suggestion on what snap circuits to buy? Amazon seems to have an overwhelming amount with mixed reviews.

OP posts:
BrieAndChilli · 29/10/2019 17:40

My kids enjoyed the letterbox lab science subscription you got a box of experiments each month based around a theme

reefedsail · 29/10/2019 17:46

Mel Science subscription chemistry sets are brilliant. She'd need to do them alongside an adult, but it's quite easy to water the explanations down to 8yo level.

drspouse · 29/10/2019 17:54

We have the JR 100 I think.

cyberfairy · 29/10/2019 17:58

Whizz Pop Bang science magazine subscription might be good- my child has read it for years now and loves it. Snap Circuits are fab and also Gravitrax, a souped up more exciting variable version of a marble run with lots of adds on. Saw it at a science fair and my child has been hooked ever since.

Dilkhush · 29/10/2019 18:17

Not for everyone, but my daughter loved it when I brought home things for her to examine and dissect. Lambs hearts, kidneys etc from the butcher were 30p a go. She was absolutely fascinated and would look for the aorta etc, comparing it to the pics in the books. Same every Christmas if the turkey came with giblets.
(She's reading biochem now Smile)

ColdRainAgain · 29/10/2019 19:37

We have the junior 100 one too.
I suspect this is the newest version.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea · 29/10/2019 19:50

We started with the 100 like everyone else and now have the arcade games,the lights and sounds and the rover.

Nighttimefreedom · 29/10/2019 19:52

I'd recommend How Stuff Works magazine subscription too.

Swatsup · 29/10/2019 19:53

A microscope, a basic real one not a cheap plastic one. My 8 year old has loads of fun with it. And me ! Expensive though

ladybug92 · 29/10/2019 20:59

I don't know where you are based but this is a brilliant site in Australia and if you're not here, maybe you can get some ideas? Prices are pretty reasonable too with a kit costing about $20AUD.

Here are some ideas from the website
Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Lab: each kit includes a genuine crystal to compare to the ones you grow at home!

Real Bug Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Gemstone Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Glow in the Dark Slime Lab: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Shark Tooth Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Dinosaur Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Volcano Science Kit: These kits contain eruption powder and two volcanic specimens!

Break Open 2 Real Geodes: These include the highest quality geodes – awesome – as well as a magnifying glass and googles

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