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Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?

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CuriosityWinsTheDay · 05/10/2016 21:11

My 8yo has read the first 3 books so far and I thought some Harry Potter bits for her stocking would be nice.

Anyone bought anything they would recommend?

Are the sweets any good?

I've seen quote a few bits on Ebay from China, anyone ordered from there?

Also thought clothes would go down well, and be a practical item!

Any recommendations greatly recieved

OP posts:
flupcake · 06/10/2016 09:32

Also 'Wizarding Wares' often has things cheaper than the official shop

If you have a printer they have some free downloadable items - I did the Christmas Card for my kids last year

CuriosityWinsTheDay · 06/10/2016 09:58

I really appreciate all the links and tips.

Going to go through them now, thanks!

She will be over the moon!

Any other bits of advice welcome.

OP posts:
IsItGinTimeYet · 06/10/2016 10:20

Sainsburys have the colouring books for £5 atm.

CuriosityWinsTheDay · 06/10/2016 11:21

Had a look on the Primark website but everything on there is in Womenswear, nothing for children.

Is it different instore?

OP posts:
IsItGinTimeYet · 06/10/2016 14:01

Only ladies department in our local store.

kennythekangaroo · 06/10/2016 20:44

It is only ladies but dd just wears the t-shirts as a nightdress.

CuriosityWinsTheDay · 08/10/2016 14:57

Went to Primark, picked up a size 4 HP top which I think will fit her, some socks (which may be a little big) and a cup

Have bought a time turner necklace and scarf from Ebay

OP posts:
Marypoppinsisnosaint · 08/10/2016 18:37

If any of you are on Facebook there are selling groups for Harry Potter collectables.

I'm currently selling my collection on there. Some nice new Harry Potter items also. I saw a quill pen on there the other day with I thought was quite quirky.

Peppapogstillonaloop · 08/10/2016 18:49

Ooh this is fab dd is hp obsessed! Does anyone have the little vinylpop figures? Are they worth the money?

bruffin · 08/10/2016 19:14

The back of the box shows what the chances of getting a chatacter. The other picture shows the fang dd got out of a mystery box compared to a normal pop vinyl. Dd says you can buy opened ones on line.

Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
SymphonyofShadows · 08/10/2016 19:17

I was in this shop over the summer and they had lots of HP necklaces, wands etc. I have bought Dr Who stuff from them online before and I think P&P is free

Davros · 08/10/2016 19:52

Studio Your tickets. It's amazing

Davros · 08/10/2016 19:53

Tour! Blush

2StripedSocks · 08/10/2016 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whatdoesaduckdo · 08/10/2016 21:16

For anyone buying for an older home fan I highly recommend the candles from the bearded candle maker they come in scents such as Dumbledores office - lemon sherbety smells snapes lab an prof sprouts greenhouse
If you are local to Belfast can get them in St. George's market or studio souk or online at Etsy

hp candles

Whatdoesaduckdo · 08/10/2016 21:16

Apologies that autocorrect has changed HP to home

BingBongBingBong · 08/10/2016 22:27

Wowcher had some HP jewellery and stuff on it, very cute items

FranHastings · 08/10/2016 22:34
Chrisinthemorning · 09/10/2016 08:34

This thread is so cool. DS is only 4, can't wait to get him into HP.

Bubblebloodypop · 09/10/2016 08:40

On Etsy you can get a Hogwarts acceptance letter personalised. I think it comes with tickets and some other things. Very accurate to the books. My niece loved hers.

Justputyourshoesonnow · 09/10/2016 08:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bruffin · 09/10/2016 09:30

I made dd 19 quidditch jumper last christmas. It was a nightmare trying to knit it in secret. She is actually a Slytherin but i got carried away with the red and gold.
We went to Universal LA last month and the HP ride was closed. Dd was so upset as that was what she was looking forward to most.
This thread made me think. I will knit her a slytherin hat for xmas

Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
bookbuddy · 09/10/2016 09:42

Buy tickets for the studio tour in Watford it is amazing I've been 4 times Blush hogwarts in the snow is the best time to go even non fans rave about it. There is a link on the website for merchandise. King cross station shop is fab as well.

Davros · 09/10/2016 18:25

And a photo at platform 9 and 3/4 with the trolley half into the wall at Kings X. Excuse for a combined trip? There was a good shop at Leadtnhall Market, not sure if it's still there, which is also the entrance to Diagonal Alley in the films

flupcake · 15/10/2016 14:55

Yes I want to Primark and got a HP t-shirt in size 4 which fits my 10 year old daughter, it's a bit baggy but that's how we prefer them! (Much better than crop tops!!). I was going to save it for Christmas but she had been quite poorly so ended up giving it to her to cheer her up....She was thrilled.

Also got her a pair of slippers in size 3-5 which will be saved for her birthday. Thanks for the tip!

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