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Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?

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CuriosityWinsTheDay · 05/10/2016 21:11

My 8yo has read the first 3 books so far and I thought some Harry Potter bits for her stocking would be nice.

Anyone bought anything they would recommend?

Are the sweets any good?

I've seen quote a few bits on Ebay from China, anyone ordered from there?

Also thought clothes would go down well, and be a practical item!

Any recommendations greatly recieved

OP posts:
CuriosityWinsTheDay · 05/10/2016 21:12

Socks would be great as I normally buy character underwear and socks for stockings!

Also Pjs, dressing gown etc

OP posts:
NotAMammy · 05/10/2016 21:26

Get thee to Primark. They always have loads in, from t-shirts and hoodies, pjs, socks, everything. In adults and kids (probably more in adults though) and probably homeware and that kind of thing too. It's been a few months since I was in, but I got pjs and socks for my birthday a few weeks ago and they seem to have had a steady supply for years now!
I haven't had the sweets, but even if the chocolate is gacky american stuff (I don't know that it is) the chocolate frogs would be amazing to receive.
Ebay is always luck of the draw, check out the sellers other items and reviews to see if they seem decent.

What kind of things does she normally like? Do you know which Hogwarts house she likes best/feels like she would belong in? They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff

I'm guessing if she's read the first three at 8 she probably is a bit of a book worm and identifies with Hermione best out of the characters?

CuriosityWinsTheDay · 05/10/2016 21:32

Gryffindor is the house she wants to be in and yes to Hermione - although it's a tight run between her and Harry I think!

I've seen lots of wands around, are they different wands for each character?

Thanks for the Primark tip! Will try and get there at the weekend

OP posts:
donkir · 05/10/2016 21:38

Definitely go to primark for clothes they have lots. They also have a website now which although you can't order from you can browse the collection.
I'm potter mad and have several packs of top trump cards which are great to play. I also have the book from the making of the film and Harry potters wand.
Try Forbidden Planet for collectable things.
I also have a Harry Potter funko pop. But you can get all of the wizards.
I've got a link for some jewellery but need to find it. I'll be back.
Also stay away from any food item they all taste disgusting.

donkir · 05/10/2016 21:40
Here's the link. They currently have a sale too.

IsItGinTimeYet · 05/10/2016 21:42

The chocolate frog was a spectacular in the box, DD loved hers. Every main character has their own wand, they come in collectors boxes. Perhaps the hp Lego game? Other books/dvds? We have done various hp days out from the cafe it was written in to the studio tour and several locations in-between... Perhaps a voucher for a daytrip?

bruffin · 05/10/2016 21:44

Pop vinyls have just bought new Hps including Umbridge,they also do little mystery ones.

donkir · 05/10/2016 21:47

These are the top trump cards (perfect for stockings) and the film book.

Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
JoyceDivision · 05/10/2016 21:52

Deffo socks, t-shirts etc from primark

Don't get things like horcrux etc that come in the little boxes, they are cheap plastic shite

Food is disgusting BUT the bertie botts beans are hilarious... my dc threw up as some were so realistic and gross!!

PelvicFloorClenchReminder · 05/10/2016 22:02

There are some lovely Harry Potter mini jigsaws in Waterstones that would be perfect for a stocking, I'll see if I can find a link

HesMyLobster · 05/10/2016 22:04

My dd has had something HP related in her stocking every Christmas since she was 5 (she's about to turn 17!)
We've visited the Studio tour in London, and the Wizarding World in Orlando several times (you can't beat shopping in the actual Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley!)
This could be a very long post . . But I'll stick to a few of her favourite gifs over the years!
She's always loved Hermione, and the 3rd book is her favourite so she adored her Time Turner necklace at around your dd's age.
I'd recommend a chocolate frog or Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans as the most authentic and recognisable of the sweets available.
A wand is the essential item I think! Hermione' s is particularly pretty.
We have most of the cuddly toy animals - Hedwig and Crookshanks are the favourites.
Also a lot of the joke items from WWWs, but if your dd is on book 3 she won't get to those for a while!
A gryffindor scarf could be good? Or pjs.
For collectibles the Noble Collection items are fabulous but pricey.
I've included a link to the WBStudios Shop - best place to get official merchandise, but as pps have said, Primark can be great for clothes bargains, and eBay for a lot of other stuff.
Happy Shopping!

PelvicFloorClenchReminder · 05/10/2016 22:10

I couldn't find the jigsaw puzzle on the website, they must be in store only, but here are some on ebay.

flupcake · 05/10/2016 22:17

Last Christmas I did a Harry Potter box for the children. It was a wooden box and I put a tag on it saying 'Happy Christmas from Hogwarts'. They were so thrilled!
In it I put:
The 3 extra books (Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch, Tales of Beadle the Bard)
Chocolate Frogs
Bertie Botts Beans
Time Turner Necklace
Wands (they each have ones from a different character, I ordered mine from China and they took ages to come but were lots cheaper!)
Golden Snitch
Quill and Ink
Also some spell guides I found as a printable online, I printed on parchment paper.
If you shop around you can definitely get things cheaper, off EBay etc, the official shops are a lot more expensive.
I'll try and find some links to the stuff I got. Have fun!

Alorsmum · 05/10/2016 22:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlepinkgiraffe · 05/10/2016 22:39

Have you seen this thread posted a few months ago?

DandelionAndBedrock · 05/10/2016 22:42

I got a fab time turner from etsy

imip · 05/10/2016 22:44

We've had the Bertie botts beans from amazon - they are certainly authentic!

Also had the hp trivial pursuit game. You need to read all 8 books really to play, but my dds love it!

clare8allthepies · 05/10/2016 22:48

Nosily following as my 6 year old is HP obsessed at the minute!

kennythekangaroo · 05/10/2016 22:53

Ali express has lots of Harry Potter stuff. I've got dd a wand, wax seals, time turner, golden snitch watch and a few other things which have been great.

I agree with primark . Dd(9) has couple of t shirts in size 6-8 which she uses as nighties.

Humidseptember · 05/10/2016 22:53

Alorsmum Wed 05-Oct-16 22:18:47

^^ confused where did you get the wands from please

Alorsmum · 05/10/2016 22:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kat3L · 05/10/2016 22:58

If you know anyone in London or visiting, there's a great Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross station (on platform 9 3/4). There are lots of more expensive items - clothing, wands etc but there are also some lovely smaller items - £1.50 for a Hogwarts Express ticket - and lots in between.

Can anyone help with Harry Potter Merchandise?
FeelingSmurfy · 05/10/2016 23:34

Amazon is good for the sweets

What about the illustrated book or a colouring book?

flupcake · 06/10/2016 09:29

Oh yes the colouring books are lovely! We have all three and I noticed there is a Fantastic Beasts one coming out. If you shop around you can get them for about a fiver.

There is also a lovely spell book and pen
Not official Harry Potter but DCs likes making up their own spells to write in there.

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