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Any ideas for Christmas Eve?

28 replies

TaffyandTeenyTaffy · 19/11/2011 10:37

We generally have a really busy Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my parents and the in-laws so I thought that this year we would try and have a quiet but special Christmas Eve at home. All we will have to do is deliver some presents to the family as we wont get everything in the car on the big day - but if I am organised I may be able to do that in advance.

So any ideas? Am thinking maybe walk the dog in the afternoon and home to hot chocolate, a movie and nice meal (not traditional Christmas dinner) suggestions for the morning and a wet weather plan for the afternoon - and meal ideas, please!

DS (Teeny) will be 22 months btw!

OP posts:
spottymoo · 19/11/2011 12:21

we've got the gingerbread house from ikea to make and decorate christmas eve morning lunch time at pil's then home in the afternoon to watch a movie and chill before the rush of christmas day and boxing day.

ENormaSnob · 19/11/2011 12:49

Last minute shopping/food shopping.

Long walk.

Village pub late afternoon to meet friends and family for an hour.

Chinese picked up on way home.

Bath, pajamas and film.

Santa routine & track Santa.

Kids in bed.

Dh and I cuddle up with alcohol and national lampoons xmas vacation.

Set pressies out.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy · 19/11/2011 12:53

Oooh Pub! Good one - Haven't done that for years.....and I like the sound of the gingerbread house. Wouldn't have thought of a take away either - but can see a plan coming together, could be better than cooking. Thanks both!

OP posts:
mrsmplus3 · 19/11/2011 13:13

every year i want to be so organised so i can treat christmas eve as a fun day with no chores.
i dream of me and hubby and 3 kids going for a nice late lunch in the city followed by the cinema for a christmas movie and then drive home listening to chris rea's driving home for christmas.

However, this NEVER happens.

instead, the kids watch christmas movies/tv while i prep food and clean the house - all day. then we wolf down a simple dinner and go to 7pm mass (which is actually lovely) and by the time we get home its pjs, carrot and baileys out for santa and rudolph and then "the night before christmas" story and bed.

of course its still exciting - the kids love xmas eve as much as the day itself i think - but for me its very busy. i get through it by hearing them have fun and catching bits of the movies with them.

ill get my civilised christmas eve one day...

Blatherskite · 19/11/2011 13:24

I've managed to blag Christmas eve to ourselves this year before we go to PIL's house for the next two days and I want to do something special too.

We do Christmas Eve resents for the children with new PJs and a Christmassy book so that's the evening sorted but I'm lost for the rest of the day.

I want to make a Gingerbread house so maybe that could be our morning. I also want to watch Polar Express (I've used bells as the tags on the children's presents) and eat something scrummy together - I was going to cook but they'd probably appreciate a take-out pizza a lot more - so that's the afternoon.

Maybe I'm not so lost after all :)

No wrapping for me this year at least - I've bought and wrapped 99% of the family presents already, just friends to go

Truffkin · 19/11/2011 13:28

We always spend Christmas Eve at my Dad's for a big family gathering but this year I'm hoping our Boxing Day will be our chilled home day as our first DC is due any day (well, yesterday!)

I love the gingerbread house idea and pub lunch, mass (childrens' crib service) is part of our Eve plans too. Some sort of Santa routine for kids (hanging stockings, sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn, tracking on Norad, putting out mince pies and whiskey!)

I'm very excited for Christmas Grin

TaffyandTeenyTaffy · 19/11/2011 13:46

Mrs M you may be right - but I am hoping that as I finish work on 20th it might just be possible this year! Our church service is 11.45pm candle-lit carols which I love, but not very child-friendly time - but may see if there is an evening one.

OP posts:
Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 · 19/11/2011 13:48

I understand about ending up doing the cleaning, it's easy to get into the trap of wanting everything perfect, but I try to have a 1pm stop to all the chores. If it's not done then, it's not happening.

Usual for us -nice lunch and a walk, gingerbread house, cookies or some games. Then an easy tea such as sausage rolls, pickles baguette etc. Either movie and bath or bath, pj's on, hot choc, and movie. Then christmas book, from me to dad and DS, a few stories and prep for the big man. Mince pies, milk or beer, carrots, santa stop sign in garden etc.

Up to bed for DS Quick clear up, bit of prep for Christmas day, get drinks in fridge, things out of Freezer to defrost etc.

Into pj's ourselves and wrap last minute pressies, arrange under tree, stuff stocking, quoff glogg and port and watch Die Hard etc. Munch crisps dips enjoy peace.

For the past 6 years we have had to wake ds in the morning at Christmas.

This year, we will be in Lapland, and will be meeting the lad himself on Christmas Eve in Joulukka. We will also be eating out, and eating reindeer for
Christmas day dinner. Completely different Christmas for me I have to say. Not sure how it will all go, as DS has to wait until 27th for presents. Mixed feelings of excitement and tension for him.

However, I will pass on all your best wishes and ensure we don't take up too much of the big man's time on a very busy evening!

grumpykat · 19/11/2011 13:57

Starting off with cheese and bacon croissants for breakfast.
Making (and decorating) christmas cookies in the morning.
Out to the pub for long lunch and pick up the goose from the farm shop.
Watch the snowman and chill a bit.
Round to friends for late afternoon drinks.
Sil and family round for drinks and curry in the evening.
Story time- night before christmas and bed.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy · 19/11/2011 14:15

Sod it - Lapland sounds like way more fun... Grin - Enjoy!

OP posts:
Dee03 · 19/11/2011 14:33

Our Xmas eve goes like this -
Morning spent doing housework
Afternoon pop to town for a hot choc
Then go to cinema
Back home to walk dogs
Dominoes take away and a few vodka's (for me obviously)Smile

My dc are older tho but we have been doing this since youngest ds was 3, he is now 9!

mrsmplus3 · 19/11/2011 17:18

oops youve just reminded me taffy that our mass starts at 6pm not 7 on christmas eve!
the carols start at 5.45, mass at 6.
i wouldve missed that this year had you not mentioned your 11.45pm carol service, it was that that reminded me.
we used to get made to go to 11 or 12 mass on christmas day when we were young, i cant remember exactly, but i hated having to be dragged away from my new toys to get ready and be out the house quite early.
and to add to that annoying tradition,l after mass, we used to visit like 3 old great aunties in care homes etc. i can see my mum and dad were just being really kind people, but if im honest, i hated it then. thats why we do christmas eve mass with our kids, gets it out the way - i mean, do the important things first! wink wink

rhondajean · 19/11/2011 18:26

I love Xmas eve.

Into town for 9am for last minute shopping (I get a wage on 24th, I have a list of a few things and know exactly where I am going) I am also always surprised at how quiet the shops are at that time.

Then off to the garden centre, coffee and present swap with a friend.

Home, for a spot of baking - and Im going to add the gingerbread house this year. Housework is completed on the 23rd so nothing more than a quick tidy and doing dishes etc as we go.

3pmish back into town for a film with DH and the DDs. Followed by a meal out - previous years we have had our turkey dinner then as its so much cheaper than eating out on Xmas Day, and got takeaway on the day, but this year we are having the inlaws for xmas dinner so its Italian. Glass or two of wine, relaxed and happy, taxi home.

Spot of Xmas TV, get organised, snowballs for everyone, Santa's milk and Rudolphs carrot out, the girls off to bed, we sit and watch tv together and have a drink (I buy us an alcohol gift set each every year, this year I want the Crabbies one with the branded glass and ice cube tray! I know they are pricey but it makes it feel really special somehow).

Presents out once we are sure the girls are asleep, then at midnight, we open ours with each other, bed about 1.

I cant wait.

gregssausageroll · 19/11/2011 18:39

With it being the weekend this year it will be different because usually I have to work part of it.

This year though there are a few of us and families meeting at the local Deer Park for the Santa Grotto. We will have a walk and lunch.

We will then head home and just chill I think. I am looking forward to some quiet time. Champagne and present sorting when DS is in bed.

dementedma · 19/11/2011 18:40

I love Christmas Eve - do prep for Christmas dinner, (cook the turkey on Christmas Eve so not faffing with that on christmas day), and finish tidying the house. Before Carols from Kings comes on I light all the candles, pour champagne and enjoy an hours peace. then my mother and any visiting rellies come over for fancy canapes and drinks while we relax. When DS goes to bed, I do the stockings and the whisky/mincepie for Santa thing and thats it. all very lovely.

wideawakenurse · 19/11/2011 18:48

I would say baking in the morning, or if it's a wet afternoon. Something like Nigella's Christmas morning muffins, so you have breakfast sorted for the morning.

Plonker · 19/11/2011 22:04

Oh I love Christmas Eve! My girls agree that it's the best day of the year!

Our day is simple, and goes like this:

Morning - children watch films/entertain themselves whilst me and dh do any last minute 'bits'. We also make a hotpot or similar for later.

Afternoon - we go to the cinema to watch a film. Depending on the time, we may have a little wander around town window shopping. After the film we go to the pub for a few drinks.

Evening - home, bath, new pj's, supper, christmas film and tracking santa Grin

Night - Night before Christmas then bed!

Ooooh I'm excited now Grin

duckdodgers · 19/11/2011 22:29

I adore Christmas Eve!

Morning is always last minute food shopping, then the rest of the day I crack open 2 bottles a glass of wine and prepare all the food for the next day listening to all the glorious Christmas Music!

Me and DH and the boys have a day in the house singing, watching films and then because I'm too pissed too tired to cook dinner we get a takeaway before Santa routine.

I cant wait either, I love Christmas Eve almost as much as Christmas Day Smile

mrsmplus3 · 19/11/2011 23:46

am i the only one who doesnt drink on christmas eve?

it makes me feel hungover on christmas morning - even if ive only had a few - and i just cant cope with that on an early rise and busy day like christmas day.
dont get me wrong - i love drinking. and love the idea of sipping baileys or champagne to "its a wonderful life" on christmas eve but when ive done it in the past i swear every christmas morning im like - never again! my head hurts and the kids are so excited im like "sshhhh".
anyway, i learned my lesson a few years ago and dont do it now.

(but i sip all day on christmas day and love a little hangover on boxing day, thats my lazy day)

LordOfTheFlies · 20/11/2011 09:58

mrsmplus3 I don't drink as a rule (had Baileys 2 years ago on holiday because it was my leftover Christmas bottle !). I'm the driver and chef so I can't do either with a drink.And I've got a very low alcohol tolerence level- a lick of a wine gum and I'd be over the limit.

When my DS was 2 (many years ago) he loved going to see the reindeer, feeding the geese, the Santa Express Steam Trains.
We went to Santas Grotto on a weekday when it was quieter.
He chose a decoration to put on the tree.
He watched the Tweenies Christmas and Barney Christmas videos ( it was years ago) sitting in our bed with some sweets.

And on Christmas Eve we gave him a little parcel of sandwhiches for tea from Action Man

And buy a Christmas fleece for their bed. There are loads in the shops. We have some Lakeland Limited ones that are years old and come out every Christmas.

MercyDulbottle · 20/11/2011 10:25

Morning, walk through the frosty woodland with friends, then lunch in 16th century village pub with more friends, followed by Candle lit carols in 15th century church , then 30 odd friends back to our Georgian rectory for mulled cider and hot chocolate, all singing carols round our 20 foot tree. *

  • disclaimer - none of this may be true.
ConstantlyCooking · 20/11/2011 14:52

I agree withDuckDodgers - Christmas Eve is better than the day itself -it's magic, excitement and anticipation. I love coming back from Mass in the dark with frost in the air.
I always save a couple of things to buy on Christmas Eve so I can enjoy a last trip to the shops. I will be away this year tho' so don't know how that will work.

ContinentalKat · 20/11/2011 15:02

Stay away from shops, go for a long walk, pop into somewhere for mulled wine hot chocolate, go home, unplug phone & switch off mobile, light fire, have fondue while watching one or two DVDs.

3monkeys · 20/11/2011 15:12

I nnormally work so very excited this year. We will have lazy morning at home. In the afternoon practise for the marvellous (!) concert they like to do for Nanny and Grandad. Costumes this year cos mummy's allegedly got more time. Then drinks with nanny and grandad, they go home and come back after breakfast in the morning. Can't wait although only one still believes :(

Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 · 20/11/2011 15:21

PMSL Mercy did you write the screenplay for "Love Actually"?

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