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Rose100 · 25/09/2008 22:06

I've read a couple of the threads on here about this, and just wanted to say how sorry I am for Marieburd and anyone else coping with this at the moment.

My thread is just to ask for opinions on something. At my son's school there are a number of photos of the children sent in from home. My son is aged 6, and there is one photo of a girl in his class with her younger sister (aged about 3 or 4) who has one white eye. Both girls are staring straight at the camera, the other 3 eyes are normal. I don't know the family at all, but wondered if I should just leave it alone as it is only one photo (I am generally quite paranoid and over anxious by nature). Or whether to do something like print something off about this disease from the Internet and give it to the headteacher for her to deal with or not.

What do people think? Thanks

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lisad123 · 25/09/2008 22:13

I am one of those threads, and also wanted to say that Marie, if you need us pleased find us.

Its a horrible thing to go though, and would say your best to print something off for the school and let them deal with it.BUT only if your sure they will. Is it possible you could approach her yourself??

Rose100 · 26/09/2008 09:56

Thank you lisad123. I'm very glad that you had some positive news about your DD. I've seen your photos, which are lovely, and I can see why you would have been concerned by the white eye. Can you explain what is meant by a "short eye", in case this information is useful to my situation.

I did try to reply last night but MN went offline. I'm still thinking about what to do. The headteacher is a responsible sort, but I'm not 100% sure that she would take it further. I don't want to be alarmist, especially as there are only 40-50 cases of this per year so it is much more likely to be something to do with the photo. On the other hand, better safe than sorry.

I might ask a friend who helps out at the school to take a look at the photo. Alternatively, I recently met a woman at a mother and toddler group who may know this family, so could possibly ask her opinion.

Does anyone else have an opinion on what they would do?

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chipmonkey · 26/09/2008 10:14

I would take it up with the head, tell her what you have noticed and what it could potentially mean. It may be a dodgy camera flash, it could be an existing eye condition which the family are already aware of but if it were retinoblastoma you would potentially be saving the child's life. I hope it would be her duty to then speak to the family.

Rose100 · 26/09/2008 10:20

Thanks chipmonkey

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dandandan · 26/09/2008 12:31

Show the head the photo and any info you have found. My friend picked up the white eye in my DS and told me. I haven't seen anything on the news about it so I would not have realised if it hadn't been for her. I am still waiting for my apt so we still dont know but better safe than sorry. If someone had noticed it on your DS would you want to be told????????

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