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does anyone know what to expect at a 2.5 year old eye test

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coffeekaren · 25/09/2008 14:50

Hello this is to ask if anyone knows what to expect at an eye test for my ds who is 2.5. For ages he appears to hold books very very close, only repond in a busy room if you direct his attention by speaking. It has been a real worry for us so to rule out poor eyesight (he may be ignoring us and be very particular re reading etc) a test has been arranged at a special childrens health centre - no appoinment has come through yet thanks

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theSuburbanDryad · 25/09/2008 14:51

Depending on how chilled he is in the examination room, they'll have a quick look in his eye with the hand held light, and maybe get him to look at some pictures.

If he needs a prescription, chances are you'll be referred to the hospital ophthalmic dept.


boogeek · 25/09/2008 14:52

All I can tell you is what they did for my DD at the same sort of age (maybe 3) - was just a routine test here though. Must be very hard to test properly for a prescription if necessary.
They had a sheet in front of her with letters on, and the tester stood on the other side of the room and held up letters - she had to point to the one that matches. So he doesn't need to know his letters or anything like that.

Bobbiewickham · 25/09/2008 14:59

They'll look into his eyes with a little pen type torch, and move it about a bit, to see if he follows it ok.

They'll have some squeaky toys that they'll hold up in various positions to ask him to look at.

They might have a book with silhouette stlye pictures on (scissors, house, duck, etc)to which they will hold up corresponding cards at various distances and ask him to point to matching ones.

My ds used to quite enjoy his eye tests!

coffeekaren · 25/09/2008 15:00

Thanks - i do think he will go very shy on them so will come armed with all the night garden stuff i can carry to see if that helps. He also squints when looking at new people or objects - people have said he has a real frown i think he is just sizing them up. We will see what the eye test comes up with. thanks

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