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Going swimming with a cold

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Laugs · 25/09/2008 09:28

I feel a bit stupid for asking this but oh well, you don't know me!

DD (23 mths) is supposed to be going swimming this morning but she has a cold and I don't know whether to take her. My instinct is not to, but that is not really founded on any knowledge.

If it isn't liklely to make her any worse I would like to go as we have a flight this afternoon that I could really do with her sleeping through!

Does anyone know?

OP posts:
WheresTheAuPair · 25/09/2008 09:31

mm I never take DS when he has a cold but maybe that's based more on the fact that I wouldn't swim with a cold either? Could you take her for a long walk (well wrapped up) instead?

Its probably completely unrelated but I once took DS swimming with a runny nose and the next day he had croup . I felt sooo guilty and was convinced it was because we had gone swimming!

unclefluffy · 25/09/2008 09:44

Swimming pools provide a nice humid environment and might help clear her up a bit. If she feels OK swimming might be a good thing. I'm not speaking from a position of knowledge either, of course!

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