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Probable seizure in a 10 month old - any experience

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Pheebe · 23/09/2008 19:41

DS2 had what they thought was a febrile convulsion and couple of weeks ago and again but much worse last night but with no temp this time. They are now saying probably seizure as he went stiff as a board with a fixated gaze a one point. He has to go for an EEG and see the consultant again in 6 weeks.

Wondering if anyones had any experience and what we might expect

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Pheebe · 24/09/2008 17:53


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Pheebe · 25/09/2008 19:17

One last bump...

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2point4kids · 25/09/2008 19:26

DS1 had something similar.
At age 6 months he had his first seizure and didnt seem to have a temperature with it.
He had a CT scan (as he hit his head during the seizure) and also and EEG which came back clear.
They put it down to febrile convulsion in the end as the day after he had his first 4 teeth through and the seizure could ahve been a reaction to pain?

He had 2 more seizures before he was 12 months and then one more big one that landed him in hospital for 2 days when he was 16 months.

He is 3 next week and has had nothing more since then.

I'm just telling you this info as DS had a seizure with no temp and his EEG was clear so you know that it doesnt mean it definitely is something like epilepsy. It could still be a febrile convulsion.

The EEG was painless and easy. They stuck the electrodes all over DS's head with sticky stuff while he sat on my lap and I distracted him with toys.
It only took about half an hour and we got the results about a week later through my GP.
The hospital were great and arranged a follow up appt even though the EEG was clear just to talk through it and to tell us what to do if he convulsed again.

Try not to worry and I hope the EEG goes well.

Pheebe · 25/09/2008 21:50

Thanks for replying . Thats very reassuring. He had his EEG today and was good as gold. (I cried though ). The tech all but said it was normal, as much as she's allowed to so we're really relieved. Will badger for an earlier appointment with the consultant I think.

Turns out DH's cousin did similar things when he was little and that never came to anything so fingers crossed.

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