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Coughing and vomiting

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iwantasecondone · 23/09/2008 19:17

DS is 6 months in a few days' time and has a cold. He's a very happy boy and doesn't complain much, but now that it is clearing he's got a lot of mucous stuck and is coughing and coughing til he pukes. I know that he is not capable of getting it out any other way, but can anyone suggest anything? Medised has a bizarre quality for him...makes him super hyper and he can't sleep. I'd rather stick with natural remedies if anyone has any ideas. I took him into the bathroom while I showered and that seemed to help a bit, but can't do that all night. Have raised his cot at one end, but he just crawls to the other end in the night. HELP!!

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LIZS · 23/09/2008 19:22

I don't think medised is recommended for lo's anymore. Try a vaporiser to decongest at night or olbas oil/vaporub or a humidifer.

iwantasecondone · 23/09/2008 19:23


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