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The pox, chicken, not small..

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DustyTv · 22/09/2008 14:16

DD is 10mo and for a few days has been out of sorts, kinda like she has a cold that wont come out IYSWIM. She started to get a bit better about 3 days ago and it was then that I noticed that she had some small but rather scabby looking spots on her tummy.

I thought chicken pox and have kept an eye on her, now she has some on her back and I have just noticed a couple behind her ears.

They start of small, the ones on her tummy are now a little bigger than they were when I first noticed them, they are all scabby and red, she is not scratching them though.

She has had a slight temperatue but nothing massive to worry about, does this sound like chicken pox to you?

OP posts:
GooseyLoosey · 22/09/2008 14:18

Could well be. When dd had it she only ever had a few spots and a mild temperature. Unfortunately she then gave it to ds who looked like he had bubonic plague!

RubySlippers · 22/09/2008 14:19

does sound like it

are they popping out in all different places now?

DS had the pox and was covered - he was actually not too bad

would recommened bicarbonate of soda in baths and you can also get aqeous cream which is mixed with calamine

Seeline · 22/09/2008 14:19

It does sound like it - keep an eye on the new spots and see if they crust over as well. My DS only had a few spots when he had it and was hardly ill, unlike poor DD who caught it off him and was absolutely covered

DustyTv · 22/09/2008 14:23

She has a handfull of spots that are now all crusty and scabby on her belly, not loads , ahe has 3 on her back and a couple behind each ear. She doesn't have any on her face, arm, hands, legs or feet.....yet, anyway.

Just remind me, should I keep her away from pregnant people? My best friend is pg and she was here over the weekend should I ring her to let her know so she is aware or not worry her just yet??

OP posts:
pushchair · 22/09/2008 14:26

Second thread Ive read on the pox. Mydd3 1.11 had it and wasn't bothered at all. DD2 now has it and it has been horrible. Do we all live in west kent?

DustyTv · 22/09/2008 14:33

lol pushchair, no I am in East Licolnshire. Did you find that your DD was more clingy than usual? my DD is. She wants more cuddles than usual as well bless her.

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 22/09/2008 14:50

please can someone give my dd the pox - just a very mild case so shes nice and immune. Shes nearly 9 now so its about time she had it over and done with.

Am very glad its not small pox though Hope she gets over it quickly.

pushchair · 22/09/2008 15:00

DD3 was fairly normal with it. DD2 has opted for full drama queen "I am ill" deal and life has been hell. Only able to smile because I have vented on another thread and DD is better today.

DustyTv · 22/09/2008 17:18

OYBBK send your DD here asa it is looking more and more likely that my DD has the pox.

But TBH is seems absolutely fine in herself, a bit more clingy than usual and she has a slight temperature and scabby spots but other than that she is her normal self.

Once the spots have come out does that mean she is no longer contagious or is it when the last spot has scabbed over?? My mum has never had CP, despite both my bro and I having CP when we were younger.

Also should I let my PG friend know, she was here over the weekend and I'm not sure but I don't think she has had CP. I don't want to worry her unecesarily IYSWIM.

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 22/09/2008 19:33

I think the official advice is 5 days after the spots stop appearing? thats what our infant school said - though as some kids seem to get spots appearing for longer than that not entirely sure - so id go with when last spot scabbed over.
Def let friend know as if shes been exposed she can have a blood test and if necc a jab to temporarily protect her.
am glad your dd seems to be going through it pretty easily so far.

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