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Question about colds

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laraeo · 21/09/2008 17:49

My DS is 6.5 months and is in the midst of his first big cold. Sniffles started a week ago. No temperature, just lots of gunge. I'm doing the saline drops, humidifier, tilted matress, and I'll occasionally try to aspirate when the gunge is obvious in his nose but he's still pretty congested. Is there anything else I can do to help him get rid of the gunge? He gets super frustrated whilst trying to eat. Otherwise he's fine and in fact just mastered the fine art of rolling over.

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lauraloola · 21/09/2008 21:29

Dd is 3mo and has her first cold at the moment! We are doing the same as you but we put a few drops of Olbas oil in hot water and leave it in our room for 10 mins before she goes to bed. This seems to work really well for her at night.

She isnt too bad in the day but if she does get worse I will do this in our front room too.

We also aspirate every time she has a bad snuffle. We have one that you suck - It has a filter so nothing can get through and it is brilliant. Its about 7 pounds from Boots.

LuLuBai · 22/09/2008 10:10

It's likely to be a teething cold. DD has had one with every tooth (she's 17 months and has 16 teeth - a lot of colds!!!).

You can get a plug in (I think it is made by Calpol but smells like Olbas oil)it releases eucalyptus type scents into their room throughout the night. Also vapour rubs for their chests (can't rememebr what it is called but it is made for babies - a small white pot with colourful lettering).

You could also put a drop of lavender oil in his bathwater.

I never had any success with the nasal aspirator.

laraeo · 22/09/2008 11:24

Thanks for the tips. We're off to the shops to find either the Olbas oil or plug in. I figured there was something else out there! DS hates the aspirator with a passion - it's all I can do to sneak up on him with the saline drops!

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lauraloola · 23/09/2008 21:31

We dont bother with saline drops much now as her nose is running quite a lot. There has been some blood in the aspirator - Have you noticed this with your ds?

laraeo · 24/09/2008 13:58

No - we've pretty much given up on the aspirator. Could you be aspirating too much? Or maybe hit the same spot on the inside of her nose? Our DS's phlegm is gravitating down towards his chest - there just isn't anything to aspirate. His nose isn't running and what he really needs to do is cough but he doesn't do it enough. We're still humidifying and I got a vaporisor with the menthol/eucalyptus stuff for night time which is definitely loosening things up. I'm trying not to be crazed PFB mum but it doesn't seem to be getting better so we've got an appointment with a triage nurse tomorrow. I'd say if there was blood involved, I'd want someone to check it out.

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