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Temperature not going down :(

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alibobins · 21/09/2008 17:18

Ds has had a temp all day highest being 39.9 its now hovering high 38-low 39.
He's had calpol and nurofen a lukewarm bath and is sat with a fan pointing at him
Is the next option a&e or shall we just ride it out.
Ds is 3.9
Not used to dealing with temperatures.

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Pushpinia · 21/09/2008 17:19

What else is up with him - has he any other signs of being ill? It is scary isn't it.

alibobins · 21/09/2008 17:31

Just quiet and feeling a bit sorry for himself he is saying his chest hurts but I can't hear a wheeze or anything.

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Pushpinia · 21/09/2008 17:48

Oh poor poppet

I think it might be an idea to ring the out of hours Dr (get the number by ringing surgery answering machine) and just asking for some reassurance.

It might be something pretty benign but I hate the waiting too, sympathy to you xx

alibobins · 22/09/2008 13:56

Quick update
Ds was admitted with a temperature of 41.2 he's showing signs of infection somewhere but they can't pinpoint it yet. He's had chest x-ray which was clear bloods done which show infection and a urine sample that shows signs of infection
They treating him with a broad spectrum antibiotic and are waiting for more cultures.
Ds started being sick this morning too

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Pushpinia · 22/09/2008 14:32

Oh my Gosh. I am so sorry.

I hope he is not too upset, you must be exhausted - I hope they find out what it is quickly so at least you can know what you're dealing with.

zebedee1 · 22/09/2008 17:47

That's a really high temp for a little one alibobins, it's great that he's in the right place to be looked after and that they're treating the infection so quickly, they usually bounce back pretty quickly when they are little so hope DS feels better soon x

Pushpinia · 22/09/2008 19:37

Has he improved at all today? I really hope so.

alibobins · 23/09/2008 10:43

Ds was discharged this morning the swab came back showing a strep infection so he's got a 10 day course of penicillin just waiting for the urine results to come back.
Ds is a bit better in himself and temp stayed below 39 all night which was good.
He's got to alternate calpol and nurofen for today and give when needed tomorrow. We've got open access to the ward for 48 hours.
Ds is having an op on friday to remove a growth on his face not sure if it will be cancelled nurse said to see the surgeon on friday and let them assess him

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Pushpinia · 23/09/2008 11:21

Oh I'm glad he is a bit better and I hope he stays on the up for the next few must have been so worried.

I didn't know strep could cause something like that - I associated it with sore throats and scarlet fever - is this something similar do they think?

Poor little guy.

alibobins · 23/09/2008 11:33

His throat started to get a bit red yesterday and his glands were up in his neck and tummy so I think it must be related to that.
They thinks he's got a urine infection on top so thats why his temp was so high.
It was really scary he looked awful his face was bright red and the rest of him was a horrible grey colour
He's quite happy watching power rangers on settee

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