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Anyone had this?: Toddler keeps falling over without even tripping

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Letsdoit · 19/09/2008 20:46

DD is now 16mo, has been walking since she was 13mo but suddenly she just seems to fall over for no reason at all, every few minutes. The creche actually had to file an accident form yesterday because DD fell and banged her head on the floor - without even tripping. She then did it lots of times at home, and it was the same today.

I have tried pressing gently on her ears in case she had an ear infection which might have affected her balance, but laughed and laughed as I think she found it ticklish - so no problem there.

Any other ideas? Getting a bit worried now...

OP posts:
Cadbury · 19/09/2008 20:48

I remember one of mine going through this - I think they just have a clumsy time where their sense of balance goes to pot - it comes back eventually. I also assumed it was an ear infection but nothing there.

lisad123 · 19/09/2008 20:48

I would take her to GP, could be inner ear infection.

thisisyesterday · 19/09/2008 20:52

growth spurt? it's common for them to temporarily be a bit off balance if they've grown a bit.
both mine do this

Letsdoit · 19/09/2008 22:12

Thank you! I think I will have her checked just in case...

OP posts:
stleger · 19/09/2008 22:16

New shoes?

Letsdoit · 19/09/2008 22:53

Actually, yes, new shoes. Litlle Nike trainers, her first. Maybe the rubber sole is 'sticking' to the carpet a bit too much for her unexperienced feet?

OP posts:
Letsdoit · 20/09/2008 16:32

Mmmm...still falling without the shoes!

OP posts:
lou031205 · 20/09/2008 16:44

My DDs was caused by an infection. Cleared up with antibiotics and regained balance.

halogen · 20/09/2008 16:45

Mine did this when she was teething. I think she had too much going on in her mouth to worry about balance!

PinkPurple · 20/09/2008 16:52

mine still do this at 4 and 6yrs when having a growth spurt...I always know they are shooting up when they keep falling over.

Letsdoit · 22/09/2008 22:03

lou031205, was it an ear infection, maybe? (if you don't mind me asking)

OP posts:
charchargabor · 22/09/2008 22:09

My DD does this, she's 14 months and started walking about 3 months ago. She's just got her first shoes and I think she's getting used to them. Plus I think she wants to go a lot quicker than she is so she ends up losing her balance.

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